American Psycho Copypasta [Patrick Bateman]

This copypasta is based on one of the most famous movies and the actor Christain Bale, who made the character extremely true with his acting skills. The movie was released back in 2000 and still ranks at the top in its genre, this movie has targeted its 18+ audience, and the main source of creation of this Patrick text is the man himself, who had embraced the Sigma role and gave the viewers a good meme.

The movie has a very strange storyline with an ending that is quite difficult to understand, these text memes target the characters and the masculinity of the men. Despite being released back in 2000, there are still countless contributions being made to this topic, and the love of people for the dialogue and the actor can’t be underestimated.

The American psycho-final monologue has been defined using different copypastas yet is hard to decode.

American Psycho Copypasta 2023

My name is Patrick Bateman


This American psycho-genesis copypasta has a long history, yet the love of its fandom has never ended. It is believed that the movie wasn’t recognized until the copypasta was released, which moreover worked as a promotion for the movie and the views started increasing after more than 5 years. Most of these American psycho-card quotes were graphic and also used as stickers in chats and as reactions.

These are the copypasta is a passage of writing that is duplicated and pasted by users of social sharing networks and public communities around the Internet. Since these tests are frequently used to irritate other individuals and limit digital dialogue, some people compare them to spam. And this movie has a whole complete album of what creators found when making memes.

What is the meaning of American Psycho copypasta?

The basic meaning is that it stresses the fact of the life lived by the actor in that movie and his lifestyle. The Internet is filled with Patrick meme which is quite often used for sending reactions concerning the term of a sigma male and showing your masculine reaction.

Where did the American Psycho meme come from?

No sources confirm the initial post made about this topic however this came into being after some years of the film’s release and this is exactly how it caught the audience’s attention. All of these are the creations of the members who target the things that easily catch attention and with the aspect of this storyline, it was easy after making Reddit posts which now have spread over every social media platform.

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When did these memes become popular?

It is believed that after 5 years of release, this copypasta got to be enough famous that it made people watch the movie.

What are the Facts about the American Psycho Copypasta?

  • One of the oldest copypasta and yet still gaining popularity
  • Has a major widespread over each of the social site
  • These copypastas caused the audience to watch the movie and made the movie popular after years

American Psycho Meme

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