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In popular global journalism and in the conversations that take place inside online communities, a copypasta is a section of material that’s constantly repeatedly replicated and reprinted. An Unnamed user on the internet site 4chan is credited with coining the term “copy and paste” in 2007. The catchphrase is a combination of the phrases “copy” and “paste.”

2014 was the year that saw the initial appearance of the term in the Urban Wikipedia. Copypasta posts, which are a kind of spam, are created to elicit a reaction. The American digital game company Innersloth is responsible for the creation of the internet cooperative murder puzzle computer games Among Us.

In this game, there are four to ten players who act as shipmates and are tasked with locating and eliminating arbitrarily picked pretenders. The pretenders are required to murder all of the members of the squad until the crewmates can fulfill their missions. The term “sus” is an acronym for the word “mysterious,” which competitors of the game Among Us routinely use whenever alluding to those who are thought to be imposters.

The basic use of the copypasta phrase preceded its application in the games, although it is still used in the same manner. The phrase “sus” became popularised throughout discussions about a similar time when Among Us saw a new surge in prominence around November 2020. It was used to call out other players. This led to the formation of among us copypasta meme.

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The concept “sus” is a profanity word that has been widely utilized for several decades in a variety of contexts beyond the game in which it is employed. The top meaning of “suspicious, but extra ‘lit.'” can be found on Urban Wiki, and it was contributed by a person named NeonKiwi on the 29th of July, 2019.

As an alternative to the word suspicious, used in situations similar to where a buddy is being unusually silent. The word has likewise made countless appearances in rapping and hip-hop songs throughout its history, such as ones performed by musicians such as Tyler, the Director.

Throughout an installment of Loiter Squadron from the year 2012 titled “The World Due to Taco,” the word is described in further depth along with many instances of Tyler behaving in a “sus” manner. It is uncertain whose meme was the original to utilize the phrase “sus” in the framework of Among Us; nonetheless, one of the 1st instances was posted on August 6th, 2020 by the account PRimeExplorer on Twitter.

This meme displays a typical statement that contains the word that is overused by individuals who are trying to rat out an impostor. It was shared on Twitter and gained over 24,000 loves, 6,600 shares, and 62 responses in 12 days. Among us, copypasta red sus is one of the major copypastas that is very common in use in our daily life.

When and how did these among us copypasta become so popular?

On October 6th, 2019, the Facebook profile Cheems to sitz added an instance to their account depicting Cheems. Within a week, the picture received approximately 65,000 likes, making it one of the profile’s most popular posts. Some other variation was submitted by ChromosomeStealer, a Wikipedia user, to the jokes forum on October 13.

In the four days that followed, the posting received more than 46,500 retweets, 226 responses, and many Reddit medals. Reddit user XoverZ uploaded a variation to the dank memes subreddit on February 17, which quickly garnered more than 47,400 retweets, 142 opinions, and multiple accolades from Reddit in the space of just 18 hours.

The joke was uploaded on the 18th of November by the Facebook handle cod campers, which garnered more than 8,200 views in only two days. The Instagram group MAD MAX V1 published an instance utilizing the word on August 12 and received more than 1,200 likes and 552 comments in the subsequent five days.

The next day, Social media theScore athletics released another version containing the comment “He was behaving weird.” This variation has received over 747 loves and 101 comments in five days. The copypasta character among us became the favorite of many people.

What is the meaning of among us copypasta?

The sus word was never this common, it all started when this game came out where you have to find an imposter from your squad that shouldn’t be there any longer. Since it’s an online game, instead of using long words there are limited shorthand words such as SUS, you just type SUS if you feel like you have identified the imposter. Now it’s very common, especially in the texting language where people use it as a slang word.

The twerking of the among us character is one of the remotes that is used when the wrong character is identified as an imposter and killed so the real imposter dances and wins, the little twerk dance got very famous and became part of the memes.

Facts about among us copypasta

  • The Sus word was rarely ever used before being introduced in this game
  • Many people began to play this game right after it got viral due to this copypasta
  • It is one of that copypasta that got shared more than 100x times and received a lot of likes and reviews from many different forums.
  • Facebook was the top social media platform from where it got more viral

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