20 Best Anime Copypasta [Weeb, UwU & More]

These anime text memes include AOT (Attack On Titan), Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, and much more anime like these. We all have seen some dark memes on Death Note like writing someone’s name on the dairy and freaking them out. The meme ideas can be taken from other meme pages about anime or communities based on memes, like one of the memes known as Surprised Pikachu which shows shocked expressions of Pikachu.

People have made thousands of memes only on this one meme. After selecting these memes, It is then uploaded to all social media platforms for meme lovers all across the world. Where different people can watch and laugh at these created memes on different platforms they want



A Japanese word that means “what?!” or “pardon?!” It has become a popular catchphrase in anime and manga, often used to express surprise or confusion. The phrase originated in Japan and became popular globally in the late 2000s and early 2010s, thanks in part to the popularity of anime series such as “Dragon Ball Z” and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” Jojo is one of the best anime ever aired till now because of its storyline and its anime art.

Fist of the North Star

"Omae wa mow shindeiru."

Meaning “You are already dead” in English is a famous catchphrase from the anime and manga series “Fist of the North Star.” It is often said by the main character Kenshiro before he defeats his opponents. The catchphrase became popular globally in the late 2000s through internet memes and parodies, particularly in the anime and gaming communities. This anime weeb meme refers to someone who is obsessed with Japanese anime, and culture.

Dragon Ball Z

"It's over 9000!!!"

This is a famous quote or saying from a Japanese anime known as Dragon Ball Z, where a character named Vegeta says this during a fight with the main character Goku. It became a popular meme in the mid-2000s, often used to express excitement or exaggeration (expressing a feeling), and has since become a staple in anime culture. It has gained much popularity on Reddit.

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"Believe it!"

A catchphrase commonly associated with the main character Naruto Uzumaki from the anime and manga series Naruto. It became popular in the early 2000s when the anime series gained widespread popularity, and it is often used by Naruto to express his determination or interest.

Death Note

"I'll take a potato chip... and eat it!"

A famous line from a popular anime series called Death Note first aired in 2006. The line is spoken by the character Light Yagami during a tense scene and has become a popular meme and copypasta online among anime fans.


"Gomenasai, my name is Ken-Sama."

This originated on the internet and became popular in the mid-2010s. It features a poorly written and awkward introduction from a character named Ken-Sama, who claims to be a powerful warrior from Japan. The copypasta is often used ironically (the opposite of the saying) or for comedic effects in online anime and gaming communities.


"I need healing."

It is a meme from the Overwatch animations, where players can select a character who says this phrase when they need assistance from a healer named Mercy, this new anime like Copypasta has some viewers because into the game on May 24, 2016. It became popular in the gaming community due to its overuse by players, and later crossed over into the anime community as a humorous way to express a need for help or attention.

Anime Girl

"Senpai noticed me!"

The catchphrase originated from anime and manga and became popular online in the early 2010s, referring to a character’s desire to gain the attention and recognition of their senior or crush. The anime girl text meme has many followers and crushes because of the cuteness, and voice the anime makers have put into them while making them.

Naruto to Sasuke

"Sasuke, I have always been your brother."

This is a line from the popular anime series Naruto, spoken by Itachi Uchiha to Sasuke, his younger brother, during a pivotal moment in the series. It has become a well-known and often-referenced meme in anime communities in the early 2010s. This anime tik tokers meme has played many of their cosplay in their videos to show their love for Naruto and other anime they like, which includes AOT, One Piece, One Punch Man, etc.

UwU Copypasta

Anime UwU Copypasta

UwU is a facial expression and a sound commonly used in anime and manga to convey a sense of cuteness and playfulness. It is often associated with the kawaii culture in Japan and is popular among anime and manga fans, especially in online communities.

It becomes popular in the early 2010s. Anime emoji refers to a trend on social media where users combine text, images, and anime characters in a humorous and often nonsensical way to create entertaining and shareable content.

More about Anime Copypasta

The anime copypasta is a text or block of text copied and pasted throughout the internet, for some purposes about anime like viral memes, trolling, and jokes. Anime text meme is a form of internet meme type that typically consists of humorous or absurd memes.

The selection of these anime’s text memes is selected by observing the best anime for CopyPasta available all over the internet.

  • Which includes different forums, websites, social media, and other communities. Some of them are Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • These Copypastas are a way to express your sarcasm ness to people.
  • These are big events about some famous movie, anime, or story that everyone has watched once so they can relate to these memes.
  • The humourous line for a boy to girl, or boy to boy, and vice versa are collected accordingly.

With this thinking that the other person doesn’t get offended by seeing these memes. These Copypastas can contain Dark Humour, Relatable memes, Hilarious memes, and much more. These texts contain memes that are on trending and most famous among all other anime or simple memes. There is a text known as the MoonMoon Anime meme, a hilarious meme that features a fictional wolf named Moonmoon who is starred in many animes.

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