20 Best Copypasta of All Time [Funny/Cursed]

The majority of people envision still photos, animated GIFs, or short films when they hear the word “meme.” Memes are easily identifiable online, often consisting of graphics or audio samples that have made their way into mainstream popular culture. Memes may take the shape of pictures and videos; however, they can also take the form of text blocks, which are referred to as “copypastas.”

The process of copying and pasting text is the inspiration for the term “copypasta.” People on the internet spread memes that are based on a text by copying and pasting them all over the web, in contrast to memes that are based on pictures or videos, which must be posted individually.

Copypastas are similar to picture and video memes in that they may take several different forms:

  1. Sentenceconsistng of a single line, about the same length as a tweet.
  2. Extremely lengthy sections of text that are disruptive and might be considered spam
  3. Long fictitious tales with unexpected conclusions
  4. ASCII art is a kind of pictorial form that consists of pictures created by using text characters.
  5. Tweets and social media messages became humorous when removed from their native settings and read in isolation.

Individual copypastas may be found almost everywhere on the internet. Greentexts, which are brief, personal anecdotes are taken from the image forum 4Chan, are among the most popular types of copypasta.

Even though copypastas are said to have originated inside a particular community, such as a Twitter fanbase, 4Chan, or a subreddit, their influence has often extended far beyond the confines of that community.

Best copypasta

Below mentioned are top Twitter copypastas and top tts copypastas. These have been prepared for your ease of use, and you are free to use them whenever you feel the urge to troll your pals.

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Funny copypastas

 “Took A Photo Of The Only Other Dude In The Theater, Forgot My Flash Was On”

An image of a lonesome guy in the theatre gazing straight into the camera is commonly used with this copypasta to suggest that he caught the photographer in the process of shooting his picture while getting flashed by the phone is commonplace.

When the meme was first shared on Reddit in December of 2010, the slogan was paired with a picture of a lonely moviegoer. Since then, it has gone viral and continues to do so.

 “Why So Many in the Radical Left Participate in Speedrunning”

Speedrunning video games, in the opinion of this copypasta referred to by Twitter user @bronzeswords, is a “leftist” pastime. Fast-paced running may be seen as an effort to “elevate alternative sexual stereotypes in the marketplace,” he claims, using Jordan Peterson’s thesis on sexuality as an example of this. On social media, the thread was widely ridiculed in a variety of ways.

 “Me And My Favorite Follower Not Telling You Who It Is Tho”

Together With My Most Admired Supporter The phrase “Not Telling You Who It Is Tho” was first used as a copypasta and exploitable in June of 2021 in an image macro that was uploaded on Instagram. The slogan started trending on Twitter in the days that followed, and it later became an image that could be used again on Instagram using a snapshot of the tweet.

 “My Daughter Loves Him, I Think He Looks a Little Gay, But Whatever Makes My Princess Happy”

This copypasta centered on a Facebook picture macro and phrase that might be exploited if May 2020. There are memes out there that even when a conservative parent tries to comprehend them, they use a copy of the original post and replace the “daughter” picture with their own.

When the associated picture is absent, the text is utilized as a stand-alone copypasta. The initial post, which included a faked image of BTS member Jaehyun as an aviation pilot, was made on May 6th, 2020, by a fictitious Facebook page named Noel Wright.

 “This Film Is Dedicated To The Brave Mujahideen Fighters Of Afghanistan”

This copypasta statement is purportedly taken from the conclusion of the movie Rambo III, which was released in 1988. Even though the assertion was shown to be false at a later date, it was exploited as a meme in other movie images.

Angel dust, a user on YouTube, published a video on October 17, 2019, examining the allegation that the end credits had been changed. The investigation revealed that the sentence had never been utilized at any point throughout the conclusion of the movie.

 “To Be Fair, You Have To Have a Very High IQ to Understand Rick and Morty”

Both supporters and critics of the animation sitcom Rick and Morty utilize this copypasta joke as a caustic response to complaints leveled against the program. The statement, which may have been first placed in good faith refers to the pompous and self-congratulatory manner in which people discuss the performance. Copypasta like this one is used by both fans and detractors of the animated television series Rick and Morty to poke fun at replies to criticisms leveled against the show.

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Cursed copypasta

 “I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter”

This copypasta is one of the best short copypastas. Copypasta is about a man with the ambition to fly in the sky in his very own helicopter. It makes fun of articles about gender and sexual orientation by drawing parallels between the author’s ambition to fly an attack helicopter and the experiences of transgender persons and other members of the LGBTQ+ community.

 “Guys Literally Only Want One Thing And It's F**king Disgusting”

This copypasta is a reference to a sequence of tweets that link a variety of hilarious photos with a tweet that says, “Guys only want one thing, and it’s f**king disgusting.” This copypasta was tweeted out on October 22, 2017, by the user @ashcammm, whose account is now locked.

The first humorous comment to the tweet was sent by @allenpwilliams, who said, “I mean I can understand why you would say that but pizza is f**king awesome.” It wasn’t until two weeks that followed her post that it started to develop into a meme that was more widely circulated.

 “Ant-Man Will Defeat Thanos by Crawling Up His Butt and Expanding”

This is also referred to as the Thanos Theory, and it is a comedietta-narrative that speculates that in the 2019 Marvel superhero film Avengers: Endgame, the protagonist Ant-Man will beat Thanos by trying to invade the supervillain’s body through the anus while in his light microscope shape and quickly increasing from the inside, thereby killing Thanos in the phase. In March of 2019, the hypothesis was in the spirit of or of a string of memes on Reddit that were connected to the topic.

 “*Jaw Drops* Awooga! / Hummina Hummina Bazooing!”

This copypasta is one of the best copypastas on Reddit. is part of a larger collection of copypasta that features a variety of linguistic depictions of the sounds that enthusiastic cartoon characters make when they encounter beautiful ladies.

This word was derived from a moment in Tex Avery’s film Red Hot Riding Hood, which served as the primary source of inspiration for its creation. As the first copypasta spread and new varieties started to arise, they also became identifiable by similar repeating elements scale.

 “Your Scientists Were So Preoccupied With Whether Or Not They Could, They Didn’t Stop To Think If They Should”

This copypasta is a line from the first Jurassic Park movie, said by the character Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum. It is not known when exactly the quote was originally used as a meme for the first time. The phrase is a reference to a Photoshopped image of a teenage kid that was altered to make him seem to be a velociraptor and was taken from the video “Greatest freakout ever” on YouTube.

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 “Master Chief, You Mind Telling Me What You're Doing on That Ship?”

This famous line was said by the character Lord Terrence Hood in Halo 2, and it was copied and pasted here. In many pranks that have been posted on the internet, the remark has beeutilizeded as a setup, with Hood asking Master Chief why he is doing something, and then Master Chief justifying himself after the question.

 “Keanu Reeves Is Such A Gentleman / Celebrity At A Barbershop Copypasta”

This is a reference to a series of parody copypasta tales that often begin with a surprise meeting that an eager fan had with a celebrity, but conclude with something absurdist or nonsensical. These stories have become popular online. The most typical ending is the celebrity calmly comforting the person’s sobbing niece by breastfeeding Hamid at the barbershop.

 “I'm Not Sure What's Going On, But My Asshole Is In Danger!”

I Have No Idea What’s Going On, But The Bottom Of My Foot Could Get Stuck In Something Bad! is a quote from Hentai that is often presented as an example of a reaction to homoerotically charged material among two maleAtIn the beginning of 2017, a vocal reading of the remark that was then mashed up with a clip from Spongebob Squarepants became an exceptionally popular post on iFunny. In the years that followed, a screenshot of the sentence evolved into a rather well-known hentai quote and reaction graphic in response to anything that the poster considers especially gay.

 "We Popping the Biggest Bottles When Makorra Happens Tomorrow"

The copypasta that can be seen up above is a Tumblr snowclone, and it conveys enthusiasm at the occurrence of a certain event. When the event, which is usually seen to be disliked by other people, does not take place, the content is reblogged with a picture of Pepe the Frog looking dejected.

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Annoying copypasta

 “Free Art Copypasta, You Have Made A Massive Mistake”

The term “Free Art Copypasta,” which is also referred to as “You Have Made A Massive Mistake,” describes a copypasta that originated from a conversation that took place in a Direct Message on Twitter. During this discussion, an unidentified person posed this question to a Twitter artist: “Would it be possible for you to create a collage for me for free? “After being informed that their request had been denied, the user sent a lengthy threat.

 “Let me make something clear. You are the type of person that gets left behind. You don’t have real friends. The second you need them they will abandon you, because you’d do the same thing to them. You are a sh*thead little kid. Stay out of my mentions and enjoy your sh**ty life.”

On January 28, 2018, one Twitter user decided to make an effort to embarrass another Twitter user by posting a long put-down in the style of a “Quote Tweet.” However, the event turned out to be counterproductive. The put-down quickly became a niche member though it was a very detailed insult. This was because the user seemed to be accidentally upset and sarcastically insulted by the put-down.

 “He Leaned Back Too Far and Rippen Through That Canvas Ceiling”

This is a viral copypasta that is connected to a cursed photograph of a guy standing upright inside of a functioning Gravitron machine, seeming unfazed by the whirling. In 2018, the photograph got coupled with a narrative of another someone who stood up in a Gravitron, leaned too far back, and ripped through the canvas ceiling, which was spelled ripened” in the original post. The individuatraveleded a block before landing.

 “S**t Like This Is Why The Left Has Trouble Growing It’s satisfying to an insular online group of resentful shut-ins and misfits, but to the larger society is makes the left seem psychotic.”

The copypasta that can be seen above is a parody of a statement that was posted on Twitter by a user in response to a crude joke about the death of Kobe Bryant. The wording of jokes is often accompanied by ludicrous visuals and s**t posts.

 “The Longer The Icon of Sin Is on Earth, The Stronger It Will Become”

In the last stages of the 2020 video game Doom Eternal, the character Samuel Hayden delivers this piece of speech. Following the launch of the game, members of the Doom community began using the phrase as a copypasta due to Hayden’s tendency to emphasize and reiterate the same point.

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