20 Best Reddit Copypastas [Favorites 2023]

In social mainstream press and online community discussions, copypasta is a block of information that has been frequently duplicated and reproduced. In 2006, an Anonymous public website on 4chan is said to have originated the phrase “copy and paste” as a mashup of the words. The word was first included in the Urban Dictionary in 2013.

A sort of spam, copypasta postings are designed to elicit a response. It’s not uncommon for copypasta instances to generate memes because of their constant broadcast to the public. Users can find tons of copypasta from different sites among which the most popular one is Reddit. You can explore the best Reddit copypasta along with their ratings of being funny and most popular.

Reddit allows you to join different forums and discover a lot of other copypastas that are being very viral for any specific reason. You can get more of them based on different topics and conversation based. The best thing about searching Reddit is that you can get a lot more Reddit copypasta emojis and Reddit copypasta vaporeon as well.

Different community members keep on sharing the funniest of the copypasta that is the most relatable ones. The ratings that are mentioned with each comment of the copypasta are all based on the humor of the users and how much they were copied and shared with other members.

Doesn’t matter if you are looking for Reddit copypasta shut up or birthday copypasta a little of searching can lead you to wherever you want to go. Discussion threads have titles that can guide you about your search and to different categories of copypasta.

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Cursed copypasta

“Noobmaster, hey it’s Thor again. You know, the god of thunder? Listen, buddy, if you don’t log off this game immediately I will fly over to your house, and come down to that basement you’re hiding in and rip off your arms and shove them up your butt! Oh, that’s right, yea just go cry to your father you little weasel”

Another one of the cursed categories and all it shows is anger or call it more like a warning. Categorized copypasta can be found on Reddit which makes it even easier for you, this copypasta has a rating of 8 since it has no bad language included. The statement clearly shows that the author is trying to warn the consequences the other person would have to face if he or she doesn’t back off from whatever game the person is talking about.

Down bad copypasta

“grrrr japan 🇯🇵 is best country in the world (sekai) !!!!🤬😡!!!👹🤬!!!!! west bAd arrrggghhh japanese culture⛩🎎🎏 better than american🗽🍔👎!!! (>~<) vendor machine everywhere 🗼and sakura trees are so 🌸 a e s t h e t i c 🌸 UwU if u hate it then your NOT a man of culture so shinē!!! ~hmph baka -_- 🏮”

Users can clearly understand what this copypasta is about, you can find it on Reddit country copypasta where people share the best things about their living country. It has a rating of 9 along with the thread reviews.

It’s clear that the Japanese resident is showing love for his country, it was founded in some random forum where this Japanese guy used this statement and it made its way all the way here. Down bad Reddit copypasta category came out right after this copypasta.

Vaporeon copypasta 

“Baby This Is Keke Palmer / Metra Train Copypasta”

“Baby, this is Keke Palmer,” the initial author said, in response to a commentator who claimed the photograph was her sister who had been murdered by a Metra train. The discussion, started by user @TrixieNumba9, quickly became popular, and the phrase “Baby, this is Keke Palmer” became an Internet meme.

In October of the following year, the poster posted a video of themselves reciting tweets. It became a common copypasta in subsequent years. One Twitter user, @TrixieNumba9, recorded herself rereading an old tweet about Keke Palmer in which she said, “All the females who appeared like her in college could take a nasty dick.” on June 21st, 2020.

Fear copypasta

“Never In My Entire Life Have I Felt The Fear, Tension, And Anxiety I Feel In NYC Right Now”

This Copypasta and phrasal pattern began with a frightened New York City citizen who said the environment in the country was like a “tick-tock timed grenade” and that anything horrible might occur at any point. Many Twitter people imitated her message as it circulated, inserting amusing details about New York City life or making up implausible events to make fun of her.

Richie rich copypasta

“Jeff Bezos has 121 BILLION dollars. The population of earth is 7 billion people. He could give every person 1 BILLION dollars and end poverty, and he would still have 114 billion dollars left over but he would do it. This is what capitalist greed looks like!”

This phrasal sentence was said by one of the reporters of USA, at the moment he thought that they are going offline but he got fooled and the statement of his went online and many people found it as a good idea and many found it as a low profile statement given by the reporter and he was also removed from his position.

Koala Copypasta

“This Kind Of Smart, Walkable, Mixed-use Urbanism Is Illegal To Build In Most American Cities”

Intelligent, approachable mixed-use development of this caliber of American architecture and urban development has been dubbed “unintelligent,” “unwalkable,” and “inefficient” in comparison with certain international equivalents because of the slogan and copypasta “Urbanism Is Unlawful To Develop In Most American Cities.”

In mid-2022, a tweet accompanied a picture command of Bob’s Hamburgers street. Picture macros lampooning the original were then sent by several other Twitter users. The tweet was posted on 11th June 2023 from a private account.

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PH copypasta

“???? PROFIT!!!!”

???? The acronyms PROFIT!!!! and Step 4: Profit relates to a series of numbered lists that detail the steps necessary to achieve a certain objective. There are a few things that are missing from these checklists, though, and they all contribute to the last stage of earning from your strategy. To parody concepts that don’t trace a rational route from invention to success, people utilize the template online.

uwu copypasta

“Sup Son ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what ya doin”

Select, a renowned Phase II player, often adopts the position “Sup Son” as a way to demonstrate his solidarity with his teammates. When dominating Starcraft II, SeleCT is noted for his careless sighing after each success. The word “sup son” was introduced to him at the same time. Supporters of SeleCT merged the yawning emoticon and phrase for internet usage to encourage SeleCT and used it to flood the broadcasts of players who were competing against him in the game.

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Pokemon copypasta


An initial sequence of Pokemon hoaxes known as “Pokegods’ ‘ is referred to here. Even though most of the tactics were invented by the writers, they are nevertheless widely used by fans of the Pokemon series since they are believed to be effective. “Pikablu,” “Mewthree,” “Skelozard,” and other well-known Pokémon fall into this category. However, they are not to be mistaken for strong, god-like fictional Pokémon from the video games like Arceus and Palkia.

It is the most common copypasta in the language of Pokemon. 4

Funny copypasta

“Mom's Spaghetti”

Eminem’s 2002 smash track, “Lose Yourself,” was the inspiration for “Mom’s Spaghetti”, which is a clever rip-off of the song’s lyrics. Spaghetti tales that begin with a private story regarding an unpleasant or professionally difficult situation and conclude with a spontaneous apparition of spaghetti are a prominent example of this kind of story.

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Apology copypasta

“Foreverial Tiedup Delitized”

Ties That Bind Forever Copypasta described as Delitized is utilized to ridicule terrible art and fetishized deviantART obsessions online. Rafe15, a deviantART member, created it and it quickly garnered traction in several communities, including Facepunch and the /LGBT/ and /v/ communities on 4chan.

Among Us Copypasta

“I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter”

One man’s fantasy of turning a helicopter is the subject of a copypasta titled “I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter.” An assault chopper is compared to transgender persons and similar LGBTQ+ folk’s situations to belittle transsexual and sexual identity postings.

On Facebook, the copypasta mimics transgender folk’s postings regarding their situation by using political responsibility words like “check your position” to discuss how they’ve been affected by the issue.

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Raid shadow legends copypasta

“Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humour”

As a manner of connecting yourself to a fictitious person, “Intelligent, Nihilistic, and Wicked Sense of Humour” is often employed in the copypasta style. The topic was posted by an unnamed 4chan member on the forum on July 23rd, 2014, requesting other people to upload video gaming personalities that resemble their personalities.

Castlevania VI’s nemesis Kefka was included in the opening post, which defined him as “intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor,” according to the author.

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Racism copypasta

“Anti-Racist Is Code for Anti-White”

Reversing prejudice is a sociocultural situation in which those who claim to be anti-racists are prejudiced and racist towards white individuals, according to a viral copypasta post titled “Anti-White is Code for Anti-Racist.” Bob Heath, an American white nationalist, and conspiracy believer wrote the text and its modifications and circulated it in white supremacist communities and the commentary of tournament Videos.

S**t up copypasta

“Get A Job Soup”

Spongebob created a “Get A Job” alphabetic stew to get Squidward’s license restored. “Can You Split A Single Penny?” asks the title character. When feeding SSPs letter soup, SpongeBob organizes the characters to spell “GET A JOB.”

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