Burger King Foot Lettuce (Copypasta Script)

Burger king foot lettuce is a real-based copypasta, The “Burger King Foot Lettuce” issue relates to an incident that occurred when a Burger King worker was seen stepping in two circular buckets of lettuce while wearing footwear.

Immediately after its original publication on 4chan, the address of the Burger King store was later established, and the image in concern was then given to both regional and international media organizations, which finally resulted in the worker being let go from their position.

The doxing tale from 4chan was brought back up on social media towards the end of 2017 when a theatrical recounting of the event went popular on The internet and became a topic of copypastes, mixes, and parody of the original video.

Burger King is a global network of quick-service restaurants, and its marketing symbol is the Burger King character. After featuring in a number of network ads, he was utilized in a number of youtube music videos, video parodies, and picture memes. The tagline “where is your God now?” was frequently associated with these uses of his image.

Burger King Foot Lettuce Copypasta

 "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King."


On June 2019 16, 2012, an anonymous visitor on 4chan recognizing himself as a Burger King worker decided to post a photo of himself hanging in a carton of cabbage in the cooking area with the tagline: “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.”

The first-ever appearance of the Burger King character was on a billboard at the inaugural official Burger King establishment, which was located in Havana, Florida, in the year 1955. During the latter half of the 2000s and the beginning of the mid-20th century, a succession of illustrated King characters appeared in various ads.

In the late 1970s, the cartoonish Prince was substituted with the red-bearded “Wonderful Wonderful Burger King,” and that was a mirror to the advertising run by McDonald’s featuring “Ronald McDonald.” This is also available in dictionaries such as burger king’s foot lettuce urban dictionary.

How and when did thisCopypasta get popular?

Users of 4chan found the Interpretation of medical data on the photograph and based on that information, they were able to deduce that the photograph was shot inside of a Burger King located on Baker Road in Mayfield Hills, Ohio. After that, they started making calls to several local news stations in Ohio in addition to the management of the eatery.

On June 10th, Clevescene was the first news outlet to break the news, and when they showed the photo to the management at the Belvedere Road Burger King, she stated “Oh, yes, I am familiar with that person. He is going to be sacked.” On July 17th, a collection of responses from 4chan years preceding the expose was uploaded to Imgur.

The event was reported on by several major news websites, such as Today, Jezebel, and The Daily Dot, among others, after this incident many people began to ask whether it’s true that burger king has foot lettuce. On February 28, 2005, a member by the name of ilpadrino86 produced the very initial King-related YTMND, which consisted of a picture of the King along with the phrase “where is thy god today?”

This event gave rise to an extensive youth culture movement known as YTMND, which depicts The King engaging in a competition with the mascot of the opposing fast-food company Ronald McDonald. This meme was first famous with the title of chills burger king copypasta.

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What is the meaning of the Copypasta?

There are various meanings of this burger king copypasta, firstly due to having some personal beef with the supervisor the member decided to do this stupid act, he thought this must be funny but turned out to be the reason he is jobless.

It might also mean that he must hate cabbage and doesn’t want any other customers to eat it. This meme is often used when a person shows hate for anything so sending this copypasta clears it.

Five facts about Burger King Foot Lettuce Copypasta

  • This was one of the worst category copypastas and received a lot of hate
  • The worker had serious beef with the owners which is why he took this action
  • The worker was suspended and restricted to work in any of the restaurants
  • Along with him, the person who took the photograph was also suspended
  • Burger king also received a lot of hate for hiring this kind of staff

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