Connection terminated Copypasta [Meaning]

This phrase is a mashup of the words “copy,” “paste,” and “pasta” in the English language.

Although it holds some attributes to spam in the manner that they are both inadvertent and are commonly found to be annoying, copypasta is primarily distributed through human providers, whereas spam is generated automatically by electronic messaging systems. Copypastas are often considered to be more of a nuisance.

It is not known when the phrase “copypasta” first appeared; however, some people claim to have seen it on picture boards on Usenet and 4chan around the year 2006. On April 20th, 2006, Urban Dictionary published the oldest use of the word that was currently accessible.

Connection terminated copypasta

Connection terminated. I'm sorry to interrupt you, Elizabeth, if you still even remember that name, But I'm afraid you've been misinformed.


The speech was first used as a copypasta around the beginning of 2020. Racy, a user on YouTube, published a clip on March 27, 2020, in which he lip remakes the words that Peter Griffin gives in the Family Guy cartoon as he pens using an ink quill and parchment.

On April 27, 2020, Zapper770 uploaded a video on YouTube in which he reproduces the scenario in Source Filmmaker by importing assets that were originally found in other games. The movie was seen over 1.1 million times in a little over two years. Soon the Fnaf copypasta started to gain popularity from here.

What is the meaning of connection terminated copypasta?

Henry’s Speech, often referred to as Connection Terminated, is a copypasta that was extracted from the conclusion of the sixth game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, which was named Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. The phrase gets taken out of its original setting and utilized in a variety of other forms of media such as cartoons, video games, and television programs.

This is what constitutes a meme. In Connection, terminated copypasta of The True Ending Speech is two different pieces of speech that were produced by Elizabeth Afton, who plays the role of Scrap Baby, and Henry Emily, who plays the role of Cassette Man.

The rationale for her crimes against children is laid forth by Scrap Baby, who is also heard conversing with Cassette Man as Elizabeth Afton, the daughter of William Afton who was brutally killed by Scrap Baby in Five Nights at Freddy 6.

During the game, the participant is tasked with luring four animate creatures into their restaurant, where they are then consumed by the resulting blaze. This frees the souls who were held inside Scrap Baby, Lefty/The Marionette Charlotte who is Henry’s daughter, and Molten Freddy.

Scrap Baby was Henry’s kid. William Afton, Elizabeth’s father, is likewise said to have been burnt to death, but when he comes to, he finds himself in a personal hell or the Ultimate Custom Night that was constructed for him by Cassidy, whose golden Freddy was his most spiteful victim.

How does connection-terminated speech ties loose ends?

A gentle guy named Henry was the one who spoke, and his daughter had been murdered by William. She took on the role of the puppeteer. The purple person’s killer is William. They all died in various ways, but William’s children were no exception. Elizabeth was slain by a contraption designed by William after she was captured and controlled by Baby.

Fredbear broke the skull of his sobbing infant. When his oldest son became an adult, Mike grew up to attempt to rescue his sister in Sister Position but ended up turning into an undead creature. He went to make up for his transgressions and considering that he was prepared to perish with his family, it seems likely that he is the player in this game.

Eventually, Springtrap became William. In FNAF 3, the children’s spirits were liberated. With the aid of Michael, Henry has now collected them all. As a group, they’ll all die peacefully and be set free. This is all for Fazbear Entertainment. They’ve finished their narrative.

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How did the connection terminate copypasta go viral?

Early in the year 2023, the meme made a comeback after being dormant for some time. Spongebob Squarepants delivers the speech with in a video that was uploaded on YouTube on January 18, 2023, by Daniel Swartz Videos.

In little over a quarter of a year, the film was seen more than 352,000 times. Morshu’s Meme Dump uploaded a video on YouTube on January 28, 2023, which has the statement that was delivered in The Incredibles during the Project Kronos scenario. More than 37,000 people saw the film in less than a year.

What are 5 facts about this copypasta?

  • This copypasta comes from the popular game five nights at Freddy 6, which was released on December 4, 2017.
  • While the game was released in 2017 the copypasta became popular in 2020.
  • The copypasta was viral and trending on sites like Reddit and Twitter in 202.
  • Spamming this copypasta on sites or game chat boxes can get user accounts banned.
  • The text of the copypasta is very important in the final 6 games and brings the whole story together.

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