Copypasta Memes [Best of 2023]

How we selected the top Copypasta memes?

Following the ongoing trends on each platform and staying updated with everything leads you to the humor you are looking for. Joined different groups on the internet and collected every kind of meme and finally came up with the finest collection.

Another method that can be used is joining communities that talk on one particular topic in a gaming forum you would find different players getting trolled and viewing memes made on them and the same with the other groups such as a community where you can see memes made on stupid things done by different celebrities.

My Daughter Loves Him

“My Daughter Loves Him, I Think He Looks a Little Gay, But Whatever Makes My Princess Happy”

This text meme was based on an expression and Facebook photo technique that could have been used against it in May 2020. Yet when conservative mothers attempt to understand certain memes, they utilize a duplicate of the initial post and swap out the “daughter” image for their own. The text is used as an independent text meme when the related image is missing.

On May 6, 2020, a bogus Facebook profile going by the username of Noel Wright published the original post, containing a fabricated photograph of NCT vocalist Jaehyun dressed as an airline pilot. You can learn more about graphical meme if one has good meme knowledge. Once you search the trend you would find more of these memes recreated versions.

Distracted boyfriend

“Distracted boyfriend”

After a Turkish community on Reddit published a generic image of a man cruising with a female while eyeing a different woman to poke fun at Phil Collins, the term “distracted boyfriend” first appeared on the internet. The meme is still active nowadays and serves as the basis for entertainment quotations, especially the one that recently included Antoni Porowski from “Queer Eye” and the newlyweds Catherine Beckinsale and Pete Doherty at a NY Islanders game.

This is considered one of the funniest text memes and many users have made changes by typing different statements over the figures and showing their preferences.


“Expanding brain”

After some Reddit and 4chan users began talking about how big their brains were in 2017, the topic rapidly became a text meme. When coupled with clever-sounding phrases, images of brains of various sizes grow till they reach an entirely awakened level.

One of the earliest examples of the “expanding brain” meme was the who made progress in the who-whom-whomst sequence of words, which gives the impression that one is wiser.

Young Thug at the computer

“Young Thug at the computer”

A picture of the vocalists Jung Thug and Big Kevin Durk looking at a laptop display in their recording space back in 2018 went viral. The two were instantly given amusing and fictional reasons on the internet.

This text meme became quite popular among the black community and users were very entertained seeing different humor-full memes with different funny statements on them. Though the meme is very old yet the creativity of meme creators makes them sound funny every time.

Drake in a cube

“Drake in a cube”

During his lengthy career, Drake has served as the target for multiple memes. His 2016 album “Hotline Boom” quickly became one of the most popular tracks of the year, and once the video for it, which featured Drake bouncing in a brilliantly lighted cube framework, was released, the memes only grew. Following that, anything from his tweets to his college photos has been mocked online.

Futurama Fry

“Futurama Fry transaction”

Another of the internet’s greatest relevant memes is “Futurama Fry”. One well-known meme, which first surfaced in 2011, is the figure of Bender from the cartoon series “Futurama” with his eyes looking up considering a series of inconsistent questions, generally with a nod to the present.

Similar is a basic image of the same guy carrying cash and saying, “Shut up and grab my funds,” which can be utilized if an individual considers an item’s online description to be very appealing.

Weird flex but OK

“Weird flex but OK”

The expression “weird flex but OK” applies if an individual claims about an act that would be embarrassing or simply uninteresting to other people. In reaction to uncomfortable claims, the phrase first appeared on the web in 2018 and has since become widespread.

Some of the Kavanaugh confirmation debates recently, when he mentioned his college innocence as a point of dispute, served as the most well-known examples of the meme.

This is fine

“This is totally fine”

This illustration of a human-like dog sipping espresso while watching his property burn down was taken from the 2013 cartoonist episode “On Fire,” It seems to get increasingly pertinent every year. Rarely modified, the image is merely accompanied by unsettling or challenging news.

Big Brother Monitoring

“They call us FBI agents”

Although “big brother monitoring” jokes are outdated, the internet was more nervous than ever before at the beginning of 2018 due to the internet-promoted notion that FBI agents were spying on individuals using their cameras. Additionally, the memes aren’t necessarily negative; the majority of them show the spies either defending or getting along with their targets.

Squat and Squint

“Squinting woman

The image of a winking woman glancing off into the distance, sometimes known as the “squat and squint” meme, was an outtake from a Facebook photograph that became popular in March 2017. Since then, the illustration has been used to describe any unusual scenario.

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