Press F for Respect Copypasta [2023]

It’s Trendy to F Bees” is a reworked version of Lewis Clark and the News’s guitar riff “It’s Hip to Be Squared,” which was first released in 1986. In this version, the lines “it’s hot to be square” have been changed to “it’s hot to F bees.” After being incorporated on a Mega Man Galaxy game console live in November 2015, the joke quickly developed a fanbase amongst fans of Vinesauce.

The image “Scout Face,” often referred to as “Derp Hunter,” is a snapshot taken off a Garry’s Mod film that features the protagonist Ranger from Team Bravo 2. On YouTube, users have become known to utilize altered versions of Scout’s face as their pictures, especially when queue reacting in the remarks area of a homepage. These two are big f copypasta that is declared to hit maximum hits.

F Copypasta

"F for respect"
“F Bees”
“F scout”


Happening. tv, a Vimeo user, published a clip on January 13, 2015, entitled “F**k Bees.” The clip included a mashup of the musical “It’s Hip to be Square” with the phrases “F**k bees” sprinkled throughout the tune. After just multiple years, the film had more than 360 thousand views and 1,600 people had commented on it.

On July 4, 2010, a user named RubberFruit posted a clip to Vimeo with the description “Heavy and Scout believe there are eagles.” In the clip, the protagonist Heavy from Team Bravo 2 can be seen flying in the skies and spitting hamburgers into the mouths of a Scout. About 1.8 million people had seen the movie, and 8,900 people had commented on it, in only two years.

Nevertheless, integrated supply statements with YouTube resume avatar photos didn’t start again until quite a while in August 2011, when Vimeo introduced an innovative component that lets users cover photos to be represented in the discussion thread. Since that time, chain responses with YouTube resume profile pic images have become increasingly popular. These are also known as the fancy f copypasta for some reasons.

How did F copypasta get popular?

Bobmuffins, a user on Subreddit, was the one who uploaded the clip to DeepIntoYouTube on 30th October 2015. Vinesauce Vincent sponsored a Mario Kart Cosmos broadcast session for charities throughout November. In that event, the “F**k Bees” version was included as an accompanying soundtrack.

An individual with the username ikasu0 posted a modified variation of the broadcast with the caption “Vinny – F bees right ‘ere” on the first day of 2016. On the 14th of March, the artist USAfterHours published artwork on DeviantArt with the headline “it’s cool to F bees.” The artwork depicted a youngster taking a picture of a stranger wearing a bee costume.

The “F**k Bees” remix was humming in the backdrop of a rap video that was posted to YouTube on September 16 by user Kate’s Sh*tposting Broadcaster.  The musical video used excerpts from the animation film Bee Movies, which was released in 2007. On December 26, 2019, a Video user by the name of Gag Wizard published a nightcore remixed of the music “F Bees.” This also continued to the production of the ford f 150 copypasta.

Reporter vaptaintaco2345 contributed to the Vinesauce community on September 21 by posting the vocals to the “F**k Bees” version. On the 23rd of February, the “reimagined” edition of the “F**k Bees” remix was uploaded to Bandcamp by the account LuigiBlood. Vinesauce has notified of the Bandcamp link on March 10 thanks to the contribution of Subreddit user kianoosh34.

The initial clip, which can be seen on Vimeo and was uploaded by Occurrences, was posted to the NotTimAndEric community on May 7th. Wikipedia user MoniziWolfie posed a question regarding the “F**k bees” memes in a comment that was posted to OutOfTheLoop on April 17th.

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What is the meaning of F copypasta?

It was that time in the USA when biting bees were very common and many people were infected, after the movie “The Bee” was released one of the artists remixed the soundtrack of the original movie and self-created and named the title “F Bee” also said to be “F**k Bee”. This copypasta got very common and was widely used in conversations.

Five facts about F copypasta

  • After this video was released it ruined the concept of a bee the movie
  • The soundtrack was also banned to be played in certain areas and heavy tax was imposed who got caught
  • The user kept his or her identity unknown after releasing this music of the updated version
  • This copypasta belongs to the funny category
  • The original copy is still available on Reddit

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