Funny Copypasta [Can’t Stop Laughing]

It is a chunk of text that has been copied and pasted, and it is often placed on a chat forum to troll newbie members and serve as an inside joke amongst older users. You can frequently find copypasta posted in a conversation about any topic, and its purpose is often to bait less experienced users into reacting adversely to it, much to the enjoyment of more seasoned users.

Funny texts are sent in chat boxes of games to intimidate the opponents. Copypasta may have originated from an actual post that was made someplace; however, the narrative may be so ridiculous or funny that they decided to repost it years later to prank other users.

It’s quite similar to when a group of people gets together to make fun of something that another person has said in the past and then joke about it. There is also a term called funny art. This is just ASCII visual representations of emotions or is a funny emoji that gets spammed.

Funniest copypastas

"This Kind Of Smart, Walkable, Mixed-use Urbanism Is Illegal To Build In Most American Cities"

"Never In My Entire Life Have I Felt The Fear, Tension, And Anxiety I Feel In NYC Right Now The city is like a ticking time bomb. Like everytime I step outside my apartment something bad could happen. It's scary to be here."

"Strong Black Woman Who Don't Need No Man"



On June 11th, 2023, a person on Twitter with the handle yhdistyminen sent a message that included a picture from Bob’s Burgers depicting a public street, along with the words of the copypasta. Over three days, this garnered an approximate number of 39,800 likes.

The tweet resulted in confusion and questions over the remark, with most users asking what yhdistyminen meant by saying that it was “illegal to develop in most American cities.” The lines of the copypasta were first shared on Twitter by user @elisawine14 on June 7th, 2023.

Over three days, the tweet received more than 530 retweets, 1,400 quote tweets, and 3,000 likes. In the days that followed @elisawine14’s reading of New York City, individuals on Twitter, especially those located in New York, started parodying it as a snowclone, modifying some aspects of the original tweet to achieve the comedic effect.

For instance, on June 9, 2023, the user @JasonDashBailey of Twitter tweeted a parody that referred to the movie “The Warriors.” The tweet received more than 80 retweets and 1,600 likes in less than a day. This is a funny insult that alludes to the architecture and urban design of the United States of America, branding it as stupid, non-walkable, and wasteful in comparison to that of certain international rivals.

This phrase has become a catchphrase. It all began in the middle of 2023 with a tweet that had a description for a macro shot of a street from Bob’s Burgers. From that point on, several other individuals on Twitter labeled their picture macros making fun of it.

What is the meaning of this funny copypasta?

A concerned New York City citizen is credited for initiating this short and phrasal template. This person said that the mood in New York City was similar to that of a “ticking time bomb” and that anything unfavorable may take place at any time. As her message spread, other people on Twitter began to make fun of it by adding amusing facts about living in New York City or fabricating impossible situations.

The term “Penis-Kun” refers to a baby-talk-like copypasta that discusses why penises are cute. It uses phrases like “uwu” and “cutesy Donger emoticons” in its text. Copypasta is a phrase that has been repeated and acted in countless instances in videos, and it is widely regarded to be unfunny by both readers and spectators. This is considered not funny but rather cringy.

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What is the origin of this funny copypasta?

An anonymous member on 4chan’s /v/board made what is believed to be the first appearance of the Penis-Kun copypasta on December 23, 2017, and it was uploaded there. The copypasta was shared on many social media platforms throughout the subsequent several days.

A user named mariachi uploaded it on the subreddit /r/copypasta, where it quickly gained over 380 points. On the 24th of December, the user mixed hunty shared a portion of the copypasta, which received more than 5,000 retweets and 12,000 likes.

This is an example of a network copypasta message, which is a kind of message that is often published sarcastically on websites, public communities, and online networking sites for pure entertainment. This expression has a solid connection to the stereotypical “sassy black lady” persona that may be seen in movies and on television.

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What are 5 facts about copypasta?

  • Many people began to use it after it got viral due to this copypasta
  • It is one of that copypasta that got shared more than 100x times and received a lot of likes and reviews from many different forums.
  • Facebook was the top social media platform from where it got more viral
  • This copypasta is included is in those having the top number of shares on every media platform
  • It also carried a trend on TikTok where people dubbed the voice and acted like the girl

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