Just as the Founding Fathers Intended [Meaning] 

Owning a Musket for Home Defense, additionally referred to simply as Since That’s What the Founding Fathers Intended, is a copypasta describing a man protecting his home from four burglars with an old-fashioned cannon and other weapons. Just as the founding fathers’ intended text meme, which originated from a 2014 4chan conversation about employing firearms for home defense, has subsequently spawned several popular movies and parodies.

Just as the Founding Fathers Intended Copypasta 2023


How effective is a rifle for home defense? asked an anonymous 4chan member in a /k/ thread they created on November 14th, 2014. In the forum, another participant posted a green text narrative depicting a guy using a musket to protect his home against two thieves. One of the robbers was killed by “setting a basketball-sized gash in him,” while the other was killed by bayoneting him.

A screenshot of the message was uploaded by Redditor iBleeedorange on December 8th, 2014, to the /r/4chan subreddit, which was where it received over 14,000 favorable reviews in eight years and was frequently shared in the years that followed.

What is the meaning of just as the founding fathers intended? 

The meaning of just as the founding father intended in context means that the particular event or incident was carried out in the same way as planned or intended. Mostly It is used with the background of a specific character or person with a gun shooting the buglers. It is also used in chats among teenagers over social media sites.

On Instagram or Twitter-like sites users us it them by making memes, posts, hashtags, or in the comment section. It becomes famous on the cinema screen and is considered in the funny content of the show or film.  

Where did just as the founding fathers intended meme come from?

In a /k/ thread on June 27, 2016, an unidentified 4chan member submitted an updated version of the text meme. Before September 23 of that year, a person who has not been identified uploaded another slightly modified copy of the copypaste to Facebook. That post’s screenshot immediately gained popularity online.

After getting viral people started using it in their memes and created separate pages for these types of memes. This text meme was submitted on October 29th, 2018, by Redditor Green272 to the /r/copypasta subreddit, which is where it has amassed over 30,400 upvotes in the four years before that.

When was just as the founding fathers intended memes become popular?

A comical video inspired by this text meme was uploaded on February 10th, 2019, by YouTuber Mousey Poo, and it has had over 49,000 views in the past three years. A hilarious cartoon that was uploaded to YouTube by user Gearhead on November 5th, 2020, has had over 2 million views in under two years.

Early in the 2020s, this text meme remained prominent due to users’ ongoing sharing of it and their usage of it as a basis for cartoons and other films. Just as the founding fathers intended lyrics were written by different composers in different languages and this become popular over the internet after the popularity of its copypasta and memes.  

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What are the Facts about the founding fathers’ intended?

  • Popular as a meme over social sites
  • Become viral through Facebook, as users upload it over their feed which becomes eye-catching by other users.
  • In the 2020s it becomes popular over networking sites.

Just as the Founding Father’s Intended Meme

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