League of Legends Copypasta [2024]

The tv show Arcane, which was inspired by LOL and debuted in 2021, had Jinx as some of the major characters. As a result, Jinx gained significant fame outside the show’s fans. The title holder “Twitch” from the game LOL is depicted in the catchphrase “Bad Legends Player.”

This is a winner that is popularly referred to by society for getting performed by noobs and startups because he is very unstable and underwhelming, and as a result, he is only performed by younger entrants who have no prior experience with tournament matches.

Because the words on the picture macro are constantly about just the gameplay, individuals who do not have a sufficient understanding of the gameplay will never need the jokes. These are known to be the best LOL copypasta.

League of Legends Copypasta

League is so toxic

Bad LoL Player

I hope Irelia wins xD. I’m a Irelia main and she’s just so fun!! People get so trolled by her jumping on a minions like monkey, and her voice lines are so cute like when she tells screams IOOOOOOONIA LOL! She’s super random but also smarter than she looks, just like me xD


LOL version 3.12 was made available for download on 1st august, 2013. In the patch, a fresh fighter known as Jinx the Explosive Cannon was added, and she became available for gameplay on November 9th.

The commercial video clip for the figure, titled “Get Jinxed,” was first made available online on December 8, 2013, and it has had over 115 million viewers in the last 7 years. On September 9th, a superstar highlight video featuring Jinx was uploaded to YouTube and made available for viewing.

Pepper is the true name of Jinx, a slim and spindly lady from Zaun who has her hairstyle wrapped into three long colored braids and dresses in attire that is both exposing and colored in deep violet and black. During combat, Jinx deploys a vast array of armaments and explosives that she has designed herself.

Because she was exposed to Radiance, a thaumaturgical medication that completely transformed her physically and ruined her intellectual state, she also has endurance, quickness, and longevity that are superior to those of regular humans. This is because she is a thaumaturgical product. Chinese LOL copypasta was the initial startup of the gameplay and the jokes.

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How and when did League of Legends Copypasta get popular?

Almost instantaneously after the character was introduced, Jinx gained a considerable amount of prominence among the League of Legends follower base. As a result, several creatives began creating fan artworks of the personality, as well as crossing fan artwork that applied Jinx’s configuration to the appearance of other protagonists. Additionally, Jinx established a well-liked option for use in costume.

The advertising soundtrack video “Get Jinxed,” conducted by Agnete Kjlstrud and launched on September 3, 2013, in front of the authorized official launch of the personality, functioned as motivation for animated film soundtrack videos and reboots in the subsequent decade. This clip was published on the official publication of the personality.

For instance, on December 13, 2013, a YouTube user named Kathy Lopez submitted a clip to the platform with the title “Get Jinxed! Junko Enoshima AMV” that included sequences from the video game Danganronpa. Herostrain, a Facebook user, created a Source Animator My Little Pony / Team Fortress 2 replica of the clip on Christmas 3, 2014.

The original video has received more than 2.4 million viewers. This is how the real LOL copypasta got popular and got a great fan base for themselves.

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What is the meaning of League of Legends Copypasta?

There are various meanings of this copypasta such as during conversations people send each other this copypasta and relate to each other with the character calling each other psychopaths. You can also find LOL copypasta art from different discussion threads and various other forums.

Five facts about League of Legends Copypasta 

  • A total of 10 million views were hit counting all over the social platforms
  • The anime also got very popular because of the character’s copypasta
  • The title song was 2 minutes long and didn’t receive the same response
  • The copypasta also received the Arcane popularity
  • Also, the TikTok audience showered much the love

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