The Longest Possible Copypasta [Updated]

In early April of 2016, an unknown Social media user messaged the moderators of the organization Special Meme Fresh on Linkedin with an instantaneous message that included a graphic image of a cylindrical tinted orange. The message was captioned “Haha, Long Boy,” and it included a graphic image.

Immediately after obtaining the letter, the organization shared a snapshot of the unusual discussion on its website on Tumblr. This action prompted several users on the weblog network to create manipulated replicas and other types of s**tposts.

David Mcdonnell Jr., a digital media figure renowned for making comedic sketch films on Facebook and Tumblr, is famous for his online alias Daddy Long Neck. Daddy Long Neck is also his surname, which belongs in the category of the longest CP clean.

Longest Copypasta

Once taken place in a terribly dreadful time, there was a small cat-licking bird that lived on a not-so-big lane by my house whose name was Charles just like every other soul, male or female, that lived on my smelly, stinky, orange , old, rotten, messy, busted cul-de-sac between Belmont and Rose which are both awfully gay Streets Like North street or some s**t that reminds me of a celebrity like Paris Hilton or some blonde loser that doesn't even know the capital of her own country, which is the United States of America aka:


The Longest possible Copypasta za


On Jan. 24, 2015, Special Meme Fresh spotlighted a question-and-answer comment on its Blogger website in response to a subscriber who remained nameless and asked regarding the strands of the sarcastic webcomic. This person showed a collection of ten various concentrations in comprehending ironic humor and was published in reaction to the patient’s inquiry.

Upwards of 2,400 people commented on the post that the organization made on its Tumblr site during the opening two weeks. On the following day, Special Meme Fresh shared a photograph of a Facebook Message conversation that matched the specification of the “fifth level” on its Home page. Within the same time duration, the tweet received over 1,300 favorites and 163 retweets.

Samuelson debuted the @damnlongneck Twitter stream on June 29th, 2018, a little over a year ago. During the following week, the Twitter account with the handle @damnlongneck was established. The Instagram profile gained over one million and two hundred thousand new subscribers throughout the subsequent 6 months.

On October 8, 2018, a film detailing Samuelson’s life before he became famous on the web was published on Vimeo by Michael McCrudden, you can also find the longest name in anime copypasta.

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How and when did Longest Copypasta get popular?

On March 26, 2016, Special Meme Fresh published a photo on their website that included an orangish cylindrical with the description “the expression.” “Who are you, exactly? am you but lengthier “to the page it hosts on Tumblr. The posting received greater than 10,000 responses in a period that was shorter than 7 days.

On the edition of Tosh.0 that aired on November 14, 2018, Anderson was a guest and gave an appearance. Over the subsequent three years, the clip, which had been uploaded on Vimeo by Daily Show, received over 127,000 viewers and 290 responses.

On December 3rd, 2018, Captain Patty published a clip wherein he parodies a sequence from the 1982 scientific fantasy picture E.T. the Additional by riding a motorcycle with Someone seated in the front. In just fourteen days, more than 48 thousand people had seen the movie on Instagram.

On the first of January in 2018, the Instagram account known as @DamnWideNeck published a film in which Robert McDowell meets Anderson. After the confrontation, the two individuals turn at the cameras and declare that “all necks matter.” you can also find certain longest CP discord on various discussion threads. Moreover, you can find the longest name in anime CP on many of the famous memes sites.

What is the meaning of Longest Copypasta?

So basically one of the users of a certain social media platform made a post comparing a cylindrical shape and a wide neck, within a few weeks the meme got very viral and caught a lot of attention. These textual images are used in several conversations to make them funny and make things noncontextual.

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Five facts about this copypasta 

  • You can find these CP published on Wide Neck Fans threads
  • Search interest in this CP is very high
  • A wide neck can also be part of a disease
  • The CP was added in the top entries of the month section
  • There are over 100 external references for this CP

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