Pokemon Copypastas [Best of 2023]

This Copypasta seems to be a lengthy dream about Vaporeon’s seeming exposure to getting romantically aroused by humans, something many Pokemon fans find unpleasant and insulting. Vaporean is a female-appearing alien that is part of the game and known very well for its feminine physique.

The Pokemon Vaporeon meme continues to say that Vaporeon is the perfect dimension for a male person to interact with. It also depicts the silky and moist body smoothness of the Vaporeon, its capacity to repair and regenerate from tiredness, as well as some of the techniques it may learn to entice a man.

Pokemon Copypasta 2023


As per the Twitch plays Pokemon and Vaporeon meme is being spread almost anywhere on the internet, especially Wikipedia and YouTube shorts. But, like several memes, it began on 4chan. On November 4, the year 2018 the eerie copypasta was initially uploaded on 4chan’s Pokemon-themed board. Photographs of the original posting have now been turned into jokes and are spreading on the internet.

The initial message came from an unidentified user, but it shares a remarkable resemblance to several Pokemon-related romantic dreams that have surfaced on Facebook in recent years. The author behind the articles frequently provides a photo of oneself standing with the Pokemon about which he writes each tale.

Pokemon is known to be one of the greatest online games which have been released in different periods with many parts in total. Hence it’s very common to find any Pokemon text meme on any of the communication platforms especially where gamers chat. The Pokemon fandom has grown more conscious of a terrifying Vaporeon text meme creeping across the web, and it’s practically impossible to avoid on some sites.

What is the meaning of Pokemon copypasta?

The basic meaning of the Pokemon text memes revolves around that one Pokemon mentioned above, it goes on about Vaporeon being the Pokemon closest to a human figure and how the maker of this text would like to have intercourse with it. There are many of these wholesome Pokemon text memes however each of them gives the aspect of the physical sensual with them.

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Where did the Pokemon copypasta come from?

The initial post came from a poster who posted on Reddit stating how he would love to have intercourse with the female existing Pokemon with the name of Vaporeon with no idea of how much the post would get attention and re-posting.

When did the Pokemon Copypasta get popular?

According to the sources, the exact date of the initial was Nov 4, 2018, and a few hours after the post was made it started getting countless views and getting shared on other platforms which were one main source of widespread Malamar text art.

What are the five facts about Pokemon copypasta?

  • This text meme is based on one of the most famous Pokemon
  • One of those memes that was only once posted and the rest was the magic of the re-posting
  • Youtube shorts gave a great boost to the widespread
  • Around 60% of the comments were negative and trying to take down the post
  • There are dozens of reaction videos still available for this text art on Youtube and Tiktok

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