Super Idol Lyrics [Copypasta 2023]

The term “copypasta” refers to a section of text that has been deliberately duplicated and then placed in several different locations. It is usual for things to be some way disconnected, unclear, or absurd in some way.

Copypasta is often disseminated via social media channels, online communities, and email exchanges to reach the most number of people feasible. Phrasing that is easy to recall and attractive is often associated with memes, and this is exactly what the meme eventually transforms into in its most complete form.

The phrase “Super Idol” is a reference to a line that was cut from a Chinese song called “You Who Love.” After being performed in a clip by Zak Tian Yiming, a member of Douyin, the music quickly rose to the top of the charts.

On the internet, it is often combined with a variety of memes that have a focus on China, such as Chia Jiao Hanji and Bai Mei Piao Piao. After it got famous there was the formation of the super idol copypasta emoji as well which had a wider use over the country.

Super Idol Copypasta 2023

The smile of Super Idol is not as sweet as yours. The sun at noon in August is not as dazzling as you. I love you at 105 °C, drips of pure distilled water


A member on Youku by the name of Zmcmtianyiming submitted a clip of himself performing a track by the name of 105°C during the summertime of 2021. Towards the very finish of the clip, he can be seen throwing a glass of drink at the person behind the lens. The clip was deleted, however on October 18, 2021, it was reinstated by the community vector of YouTube. A total of 27,000 people saw the clip in a single week.

A Ginormous Photo Spam Maze was included in a movie that was submitted to YouTube on November 16, 2021, by the person pinball man fan. The clip was named “super idol maze.” The footage earned 8,800 views in two weeks. On July 4, 2021, a subscriber on YouTube with the username very bad player published a picture with the subject “Babe stop you’re not Super Idol 105 °C” along with a caricature labeled “Babe Please Stop.”

A total of 13,000 people saw the video in only one month. Like every other copypasta super idol, 105 copypastas also have a long history. The Super idol Series is a kind of anime that takes place in a colonialism space setting and features massive mecha robots known as “Mobile Suits,” which are piloted by humans.

 Mobility Armor Gundam has been a very successful property ever before it first aired as a television series on March 7, 1979. The property now includes titles in the form of movies, comics, and simulations in addition to the original TV series. After this scene, the super idol was romanized more than enough.

How and when did super idols get so popular?

Beginning in the initial part of November 2021, the clip started gaining traction on Instagram. For instance, on December 9, 2021, user Hào Ping shared a video and image titled “Stop Posting About Among Us” on Linkedin. The meme was followed by the clip. The clip has accumulated a total of 230 responses and 816 downloads.

On December 11, 2021, a Linkedin user by the name of Michael Richardo W published a photograph to the LowRes MK10 subgroup that related to the footage. In only one night, the message was shared more than 1,400 times and generated nearly 1,700 replies.

Around the 30th of January in 2012, several headlines websites in Japan and the English-speaking world, such as Manga News News Station, Kotaku, and CrunchGear, confirmed that Floraland had finished the Chinese chatbot and put it away on community monitor, maintaining that one‘s recently refurbished Chinese framework was an authentic design.

Early in March 2011, television news broadcasts got underway. Floral has issued a comment in response to this news, claiming “Our team came up with the design for the automaton. There is no infringement of anyone’s rights.” Super idol Chinese was on a flaming trend for about 3 months.

What is the meaning of Super Idol copypasta?

Since some parts of China never experiences the winter weather, the lyrics just stress how he being a lover can love the girl even in scorching heat with the reference of 105 degree Celsius. Furthermore, it also shows that if he can bear this much heat then he can bear any kind of heat between them.

This copypasta became part of the Love birds category and was one of the top views achieved. This phrase gave an idea for the creation of many new love quotes and also became part of some drama series. He also mentioned how the sun at the time of setting is not as beautiful as you as a person is, this shows his endless love and meaningful lyrics.

Facts about Super idol copypasta

  • This singing clip of the Super idol only got famous after it was uploaded by an unknown user on Facebook
  • The throwing of water on the cameraman was all planned, says the singer himself after his copypasta got viral.
  • It is one of that copypasta that is translated into many languages, you can find it in a total of 19 translations.
  • After some robotics was introduced in the original clip of the song it became quite a controversy since the whole idea was copied from nothing else.
  • It is one of the copypastas which are made with emojis hence it is named the super idol emoji with a total of 23 emojis.

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