The Missile Know Where It Is Copypasta [Explained]

This copypasta is a humorous text meme that has been widely shared online. The text is a sarcastic take on how advanced technology has become and how it seems to have a mind of its own. The text meme starts with the line, “The missile knows where it is,” and goes on to describe how a missile is guided by advanced technology that enables it to navigate to its target accurately.

The phrase “The missile knows where it is full” has become a staple of internet culture, often used as a foolish or silly phrase in copypasta and memes. The humorous aspect of the text art is how it attributes human qualities to non-human entities, suggesting that the missile is self-aware and understands its location and purpose.

The text script has become a popular internet meme and is often used to poke fun at overly complex technological systems.

The Missile Know Where It Is Copypasta 2023


It was uploaded to youtube in 2012, but it originated on 4chan which was a popular website of imageboard in the early 2010s. The phrase itself is a non sequitur (Consequence), meaning that it is a statement that does not logically follow from the preceding statement or context. The text meme is a famous non-consequence phrase used widely all across the internet as funny, humorous, and no sense-making statements. Its origin is from 1997 Air Force training about missile guidance.

The missile knows where it is a text-to-speech software, used by users to create audio clips of the phrase using different voices, accents, and effects. Some internet users have even created variations of the phrase by changing a word or two to create new no-sense making statements. In summary, “this CopyPasta” is a no sense making phrase that has become a staple of internet culture, often used in copypasta and memes.

Although its origins are unclear, the phrase has gained popularity and has been repurposed and used in various ways by online communities. The nonsense phrase like ‘The missile knows where it is because it knows’ has also become a favorite among internet users, who have created countless memes and parodies based on its absurdity (Being ridiculous).

What is the meaning of The missile know where it is?

 The text meaning refers to the experienced technology used in missile guidance systems, where missiles are equipped with sensors that constantly track their location. This meme is a short text that gained popularity on the internet.

The meme humorously suggests that the missile does not need to be guided by a human operator because it already knows where it is. While the text is meant to be a lighthearted joke, it highlights the advanced technology and precision that goes into modern weapons systems.

Where did “The missile know where it is” come from?

This text or meme came into being in the late 90s when an audio segment of an Airforce training video was released in 1997 about missile guidance. It was very funny when it was newly aired.

One theory behind the phrase’s popularity is that it is a reference to a common trope in science fiction and military movies, where a missile or a bomb is shown by pictures as having an almost seeking or feeling the ability to track and locate its target. The phrase “The missile knows where it is” could be interpreted as a humorous play on this trope, with the addition of the word “full” adding an extra layer of absurdity.

Over time, the phrase has been repurposed and used in various ways in online communities, including as a random response to forum threads or as a humorous addition to memes and copypastas.

When did this Meme get popular?

This meme gets popular in the early 2010s or in 2012 when it was first uploaded to youtube, still, it didn’t get popular at the start but time after time it get popular all around the internet, and the world. The phrases are often used as a random or absurd response to forum threads, as well as in memes and copypastas.

Its popularity has led to the creation of various parodies, remixes, and voice generators for “the missile knows where it is”, which continue to entertain internet users today.

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What are the five Facts about “The Missile knows where it is”?

  • “The missile knows where it is” is a nonsensical phrase that originated on 4chan in the early 2010s.
  • The phrase is often used in internet culture as a humorous or absurd response to forum threads and as a source for memes.
  • The popularity of the phrase has led to the creation of voice generators and remixes, allowing users to simulate missile tracking and add a comedic twist to the phrase.
  • “The missile knows where it was” text is a satirical response to people who believe that technology is always reliable.
  • The text humorously suggests that even a missile, which is a highly advanced and sophisticated piece of technology, can get confused and lost.

The Missile Know Where It Is Meme

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