Thug Shaker Copypasta [Script]

The term “thug shaker” refers to recordings of Black guys, who are said to lead a “thug” lifestyle, shaking their thighs while doing the “rump shaker” dance routine. The videos belong to the Thug Posting meme category and are commonly used in bait-and-switch media; in fact, they served as the model for the name of the meme category.

A 2020 gay video is where the name “thug shaker” and a related copypasta both originate. Early in 2023, a moderator named Jack Teixeira leaked sensitive R-ssia-Ukraine fight materials on the Discord server Thug Shaker Central, which sparked discussion about the meme in the general public.

Thug Shaker Copypasta

Oh, you've got an a** on you alright, see that's what he's talkin' about! Spread your a** open, dude. You can do the rump shaker, huh? The thug shaker, give me the thug shaker! Shake your a**. Take your hands off it and shake that sh*t, pull your shirt up, I know you can shake it. Shake it. Yeah, that’s some thug a** right there.


The homosexual pornographic video “That D**k Tastes Like Money” from the production company Thug Hunter was made public on April 30th, 2020. Depending on the situation, the young Black male in the video is a “badass thug from the hood,” and a man named Logan meets him and offers to pay him for sexual activity. In a scene from the video, Logan commands the subject to take off his pants and perform the “thug shaker,” on a song.


The Black Guy b**ty shaking footage served as the inspiration for the bait-and-switch craze, which involves inserting a clip of a Black man shaking his thighs into an unrelated video. The film was initially posted on the video-sharing app Triller in March 2016, when it was first used in a bait-and-switch. In 2018, Instagram saw an increase in popularity.

Due to the video’s popularity, other bait-and-switch media, like the Ninja booty shaking meme in December 2018 and ultimately the Thug Shaker bait-and-switches, also gained fame.

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When did this video start to spread?

The now-suspended Instagram account jorge.mp4 made further “thug shaker” bait-and-switch films well-known by uploading them to their profile at least as early as October 2020, two years after the initial Black Guy b**ty shaking clip became viral in late 2018. Before October 19th, 2020, jorge.mp4 created the earliest known edit that included the clip in the title, a ranking video.

The clips were used in other bait-and-switch memes that @jorge.mp4 released the following year, which were also shared by Discord users across various servers.

At least as early as October 2020, two years after the first Black Guy b**ty-shaking footage went viral in late 2018, the now-suspended Instagram account jorge.mp4 made further “thug shaker” bait-and-switch moves well-known by uploading them to their profile.

For instance, the Instagram user dailythugshaker, who started posting in March 2021, frequently shared the same version of the Thug Shaker video throughout the following year.

An unknown Redditor reported about Jorge.mp4’s Thug Shaker bait-and-switch on November 11th, 2021, in the post-media Reddit, where it was voted up more than 100 times in just a few months. The bait-and-switch trend continued to expand across all major platforms in 2022, and Thug Shaker bait-and-switches were made fun of in numerous memes.

What is the trolling Of Bill Jensen?

Dragging attempts against Bill Jensen, a Christian YouTuber, and streamer who goes by the name of YouTuber Shane Boyle, have regularly included the use of Thug Shaker bait-and-switch films.

What are the facts about Thug Shaker?

  • It is a homosexual pornographic video.
  • It was made on black people.

Thug Shaker Meme

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