Walter White Copypasta 2023 [Confession]

This Copypasta is based on the main character of the drama series Breaking Bad, Walter White. The series is based on a very catchy story and have a whole separate fan base for the actors as well as the Walter White quotes. The text art revolves around one of the all-time favorite dialogues by the fictional character where he gives his introduction in a way that expresses anger along with the vibes of someone who gives up.

After the episode came out Reddit and other platforms begin to flood with the creation of creators and fans of the series making every possible meme and text art that was supposed to have a strong impact on the audience. All this led to this episode becoming one of the highest-viewed episodes of the show. The hype got too much that users started sharing their room wall snaps with Walter’s confession and dialogues over them.

Walter White Copypasta 2023

My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104.

walter white copypasta


The history of these copypastas gets back to 2008 when in Episode 22 one of the protagonists of the American drama Walter White filmed his confession spilling out all about himself and whatever he has done with those illegal chemical substances and to whom he sold them. This one line by the actor “My name is Walter Hartwell white I live at 308” marked the popularity rise for the episode since this information was to keep top most of the credentials of all. Since this was the part that can be considered as the most expected.

There was always something with the storyline that none of the episodes ever went without crossing less than multi-million views and the fact that every episode use to come out with something that would be a source of supply of text memes for the creators. Along with other chemistry-relevant text and memes that were also seen, this collection altogether became a whole of the thread and contains something about each scene.

According to some of the sources, the first ever upload was made by the user with username @maccolame and he claimed that he made this post right a few seconds after watching the episode at the exact time it came out. No other scene can ever cross the popularity which was received by the “Walter White: I am the Danger” meme.

Along with his introduction, he provides his complete address and this video that he was been recording was supposed to be sent to the police for what he has been doing all these months with the illegal material. These Walter White confession lyrics were believed to have a great impact on its fans and nothing could stop them from not making these memes.

What is the meaning of Walter’s white copypasta?

The meaning of this text includes the main character exposing his identity and all the illegal actions that were done by him. The meaning of this script also tells about how the actor along with his partner in the series made use of some very harmful chemical components to make crystal mith, a strong addiction substance that is crushed and inhaled by consumers.

Where did the Walter White text meme come from?

This text meme is made referring to the all-time famous and records-breaking crime drama named Breaking Bad. The user made its way to Reddit and listed all the dialogues and became the main origin. The release of another banger episode that contains this scene that just came out of no expectations blew away viewers’ minds.

And this hype leads them to create different Copypasta and memes that are still loved and everyone always wants more of them. After the first-ever Walter’s post was made on Reddit the trend began and it hasn’t yet slowed down. The trend made its way to all other platforms and Facebook became the second source of this widespread.

When did the Walter White meme get popular?

This meme got popular right after it was made in season 5 of the series, right away when the episode ended the enthusiast got enlighted with this crazy text meme, and this has never been stopped and keeps getting popular more than ever. People never leave behind their creativity and many creators have come up with different editing ideas and many of them have pasted their photos over the Meme.

What are the five facts about Walter White Copypasta?

  • The Copypasta got so much attention and popularity that they for a moment had to stop posting under the same topic
  • No text meme has ever received this much traffic ever before.
  • Even Walter himself admitted that he follows all the posting that is been made
  • Some versions of the meme have been modified to include references to other popular culture, such as the video game Grand Theft Auto or the anime series Attack on Titan.
  • This meme has also been used to comment on various social and political issues, such as income inequality and political corruption.

Walter White Meme

Hi my name is Walter Hartwell white

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