You Me GAS STATION! Copypasta [Explained]

In the viral video You, Me, Gas Station, there are copypasta references to getting sushi at a gas station, having a fish orgy, destroying the government, and becoming green.

In the video, a man tells a woman a story while pressing his forehead as closely as possible to hers. Starting in the middle of 2020, the copypasta and video went widespread on websites like Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok, spawning animations and memes that made use of the audio from the video and copy-paste.

You Me Gas Station Copypasta

You. Me. Gas station. What are we getting for dinner? Sushi of course. Uh oh! There was a roofie in our gas station sushi. We black out and wake up in a sewer surrounded by fish. H**ny fish. You know what that means. Fish o**y. The stench draws in a bear. What do we do? We're gonna fight it. Bear fight. Bare handed. Bare, n**ed? Oh, yes please. We befriend the bear after we beat it in a brawl and ride it into a Chuck E. Cheese. Dance Dance Revolution. Revolution? Overthrow the government? Uh, I think so. Next thing you know, I'm reincarnated as Jesus Christ. Then I turn into a jet, fly into the sun, black out again, wake up, do a bump, white out, which I didn't even know you could do. Then I smoked a joint, greened out. Then I turn into the sun. Uh oh! Looks like the meth is kicking in. aklfhaofhasfahfakh AAAAAAAAA afahfioahflkf AAAAA


A man resting his head against a woman’s head recites the copypasta to her, though not exactly word-for-word, in a video uploaded by YouTuber RASU on May 24th, 2020. The video has received over 789,000 views in the previous three years.

The copypasta with the subject “gas station sushi” was published on May 23rd, 2020, by Reddit user xiixxkxksksks.

When did this video start to spread?

The video quickly gained popularity during the next few months. On May 27th, 2020, an anonymous YouTuber reposted it, earning more than 559,000 views in three years. In roughly the same amount of time on June 3, TikToker posted the same video, which received over 6 million views. Over 1,300 people upvoted it after it was posted on June 5th to flawlessly cut screams.

An animation with a soundtrack was put on YouTube on August 27 by Polypawns, and over 2.5 million people have watched it in three years. An animation with the soundtrack was submitted on November 10 by a TikToker by the name of ant_al_el, and it has received over 3.4 million views in three years.

A Roblox cartoon made with the music and published on February 14th, 2021, by YouTube user PaperKitty, received over 416,000 views in under two years. It was published on April 21 to shitposting and received more than 6,300 upvotes in two years. On June 25th, tricgaming65 released a video of Jacksepticeye responding to it on YouTube.

The video has received over 150,000 views in the past two years.YouTube user Benny Blue created a Google Form using copypasta and audio on November 6th, and the video has received over 2 million views in the past two years. On September 24th, 2022, the video was published on dank videos, and within eight months, it received over 10,000 likes.

Why is it banned or restricted in some regions?

It is banned and restricted to some regions because of its adult or pg 18 content. That’s why people from many regions were not able to watch that video.

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What is the hype of?

There is nothing to be hyped about, it is a random video of a boy singing a random song and standing against a girl unusually.

What are the facts about You Me Gas Station Copypasta?

  • This Video got banned in some regions for its content.
  • This was the brainchild of Reddit user xiixxkxksksks.

You Me Gas Station Meme

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