You’ve been Gnomed! [Use & Meaning]

The Gnome, Noggin, Noggin Gnome, Noggin Clontith, You have been gnomed, and it is a viral video that has the opportunity and you can easily see it in a Reddit post. Gnomed meme later turned into a famous copypasta that would build up some forward movement over the long run until it spiked in November of 2018. One of the biggest and major examples of its acquisition was back in 2015, as a Reddit post on r/DeepIntoYoutube.

It was converted into copypasta in 2016.  It has been utilized as a trap image in basically the same manner as Rick Roll, to draw in clueless individuals that were thinking different things. It is turned into an image about trick generators.

Also, one more form has been transferred on March 22nd, 2019 which is a similar idea as the first elf video, but it highlights Noggin slapping his buttcheeks at the watcher which is not at all a joke. It has been set apart as age-limited given the Community Guidelines.

Gnomed Copypasta

Ho ho ho ha ha, ho ho ho he ha. Hello there, old chum. I’m gnot an gnelf. I’m gnot a goblin. I’m a gnome. And you’ve been, GNOMED


On May 29th, 2008, the area for the site was launched which highlights stories and media about the little person character Noggin Clontith.

On March seventh, 2010, YouTuber angie805 posted a commercial for the site name you have been Gnome.wmv, which highlighted a 3D liveliness of Clontith chuckling before checking out at the camera saying “You have been gnomed!” (displayed underneath). In somewhere around eight years, the video got popular with over 230,000 perspectives and 320 remarks.

On November fifth, 2015, Redditor Rolfy presented the video to/r/DeepIntoYouTube. On January fifth, 2016, a page for a copypasta given the video was submitted.

What is the Meaning of  Gnomed Copypasta? 

The gnome copypasta helps in copying and pasting their content quite easily. As in the blushing cheeked, whiskery animals of legend appear to show up in mainstream society unexpectedly. Right by the spirits, they are known to be.

One elf image “You’ve been gnomed,” to be explicit, has been a well-known piece on the web throughout recent years. This is what is familiar with the weird, eccentric video that ignited the elf image.

Where did the gnomed copypasta meme come from? 

The origin of the Gnome copypasta meme comes from the states. The Noggin Gnome is a little person character that begins from a site situated in the UK, in 2008. His genuine name is Noggin Clontith. He showed up in a limited-time video called “you have been Gnome.wmv” and turned it into a web image.

The Noggin Gnome is somewhat strange as it shows up in recordings made by BagelBoy and Limotainment, yet it’s generally unique about most dreamlike images. His particular statement is “Hi old friend, I’m not golf, I’m not a goblin, I’m a gnome! Also, you have been Gnome!”

When was the gnomed copypasta meme popular? 

The gnomed copypasta memes got popular in 2015. People who used to follow the trend were well aware of the strategies. People who use copypasta always recommend others so they can follow it for getting benefits from the site. The meme gets famous in very less periods and spread like fire all over the internet.

What are 5 Facts of Gnome copypasta? 

  1. The gnome child meme is another dwarf-motivated meme that has been circling the web as of late. Gnome kid is a person initially from RuneScape that has gained fame for giving amazing statements to the player.
  2. The Gnome kid meme fame happened when Redditor CheesyDude posted a photoshopped picture of the RuneScape character wearing the Gnome Child on his head, where it got famous and gained a lot of popularity.
  3. Many individuals put them in their yard as they are to be sure considered being meme of best of luck. Individuals feel that they will safeguard different things in their nursery, for example, treasures, vegetables, organic products, minerals, and creatures that live and invest energy there.

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