Zavala Copypasta [From Destiny & More]

If you have ever been part of the Destiny community, then you’ve likely heard of the Zavala Excuse Me text script. This meme has been around since the release of Destiny 2, and it’s still as popular as ever! Whether you’re a fan of the game or not, There is no doubt that you have not seen the Destiny text meme shows up in all sorts of places. It is truly a meme that keeps on trending and never stopped being shared by everyone.

Zavala Copypasta 2023

Excuse me? One. F**king. Guardian. Has been kicking your race’s collective a**es for 9 years. They kill gods for fun and turn them into guns for a meme. They genocide entire races for loot. They assassinated your last leader, cleaned out your daddy’s ship while he wrote fanfiction about them and promptly f**ked off to let you pick up the pieces. The only reason I didn’t bring them here is because they casually began wielding the darkness to clap a*s in new ways. All I have to do to make them end you, is to tell them you have a fancy new gun, or that Eris can make you into one. So, think about that before you tell us to bow to your sorry a*s.


This text art is an internet meme that first began by the Destiny 2 fandom in the early months of 2018. It originated from a quote uttered by Commander Zavala, a character from the game Destiny 2, in which he says, “Do you ever have a dream, Guardian?” It quickly became a popular phrase among players and was turned into a copypasta (a frequently copied-and-pasted text).

The meme is often used as a joke and to make fun of the game and its characters. It has since evolved to become more than just a single quote, but also a series of creative variations using different combinations of words and phrases. As a result, the meme has spread beyond the gaming community and is now widely recognized as an iconic internet joke.

What is the meaning of Zavala copypasta? 

This is a meme originating from the Destiny video game franchise. The phrase typically appears as “Excuse me, do you ever have a dream?”, referencing a memorable quote said by Commander Zavala in the game. It is often used as a humorous way to show surprise or confusion in response to something unexpected or unusual.

When did Zavala Copypasta start?

The copypasta started appearing in the early 2017s, with players of the game Destiny 2 sharing funny quotes and small parts of dialogue from the game. The most popular dialog was the phrase “Excuse me, do you ever have a dream?” said Zavala, the leader of the Vanguard in the game. Players began to use this phrase in their conversations, taking the quote out of context and using it as a humorous meme.

This meme quickly spread and became a staple in the gaming community, with many variations of the phrase being used. As such, this meme has become one of the most beloved memes within the Destiny and Destiny 2 fanbases.

How did Zavala Copypasta become popular? 

The meme first appeared in the game Destiny 2, as a hilarious quote from the iconic character Commander Zavala. It quickly spread through the internet due to its funny nature and became an iconic quote for the game.

Players of the game began sharing their versions of the quote, and soon it became one of the most popular Destiny 2 text memes on the internet. It also spawned many other variations. To this day, players of Destiny 2 continue to use and share this Copypasta to create memes and express their love for the game and meme community.

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What are 3 facts about Zavala copypasta?

  • Zavala text script is a meme that originated or came from the Destiny 2 video game franchise, which features an iconic character known as Commander Zavala.
  • The most popular form of the meme is the “Do you ever have a dream text” which features an image of Commander Zavala asking a rhetorical question.
  • Other popular forms of the meme include “Funny Zavala Quotes” and “Destiny 2 text memes”, both of which are used for comedic effects on various internet platforms.

Zavala Meme


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