Bing Chilling [John Xina Copypasta]

Copypasta postings are a kind of spam that is published to elicit a response from readers. With repeated transmission, certain instances of copypasta invariably acquire so well and recognized that the phrase itself attains the character of a meme

John Cena is the man. During the promotion for the movie “Fast and Furious 9,” professional athlete and performer John Cena recorded a clip of himself driving in his vehicle while conversing Chinese and enjoying ice cream. The clip was given the title “Talking Chinese and Enjoying Ice Cream.”

YouTube users created a parody of the footage by modifying the English captions to give the impression that Cena was in a precarious position. In particular, the clip was disseminated in edited versions that emphasized John Cena’s Mandarin pronunciation of “ice cream,” which is phonologically spelled as Bing Chilling. This copypasta got famous with the title of bing chilling twitch.

Bing Chilling Copypasta


John Cena posted a clip to his Instagram account on March 10, 2021, to advertise the forthcoming film Fast & Furious 9, as he was riding in a vehicle and enjoying ice cream. The clip was intended to publicize the film.

In the clip, which can be seen below, John Cena can be heard humming and talking Mandarin into an ice cream funnel, as if the cylinder were a speaker. There are subtitle options available in Mandarin for this video, later this video was found on youtube with the caption of john Cena copypasta in Chinese.

How and when did Bing Chilling Copypasta get popular?

YouTube user Adrian attempted to interpret the film in English on May 6, 2021; however, he encountered significant difficulty with specific portions of the translation. Other users on YouTube contributed to the completion of the English translation, as much as the creation of parody and modifications based on the clip.

The words of Cena’s video have been changed in a lot of parodies. Take for instance the video that was uploaded on Vimeo by Visionlessjo, which received more than 2.4 million viewers. A collection of parodies was uploaded to YouTube by the user pointless films on December 21 and has received more than 33,000 views. The topic of the meme was discussed in an episode of Lessons in Meme Culture that aired on July 19, 2021.

What is the meaning of Bing Chilling Copypasta?

The only meaning and purpose of this copypasta were to do publicity for the upcoming movie and it’s still used for certain reasons. Many people are promoting their business by just doing the voiceover of the video and adding the name of their business. You can also find many other examples of copypasta by exploring through different forums threads.

Since this copypasta involves a celebrity which is why it got popular very quickly and received likes in hundreds of thousand. The voice was also used in TikTok where people used to dub the soundtrack and upload their videos enhancing their funny content.

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More of the Bing Chilling Copypasta

Cena‘s pronunciation of “ice cream” in Chinese, which is sometimes phonologically rendered as “Bing Chilling” in English, has been one of the features of the film that proved to be among the most memorable. The initial video was uploaded to YouTube by ApicalShark on May 28, 2021, with the headline “John Cena eats Bing Chilling in 1080p,” and it has had more than 835,000 views since its first publication. YouTube users have created remix memes based on Cena’s use of the phrase “Bing Chilling.”

On January 27th, the YouTube user Modern Things uploaded a video that contained the Vine Thud anytime Cena shouted “Bing Chilling.” On August 25, the user NexusChan released a video on YouTube that was edited similarly. After it got viral many people named it this copypasta romaji

Five facts about this copypasta

  • This copypasta belongs to one of the funniest category lists
  • The video received a lot of love since it was very cute
  • The ice cream the actor was having got advertised for no reason and they also earned much fame with this
  • The video was first published on Vimeo but later deleted and uploaded on Youtube
  • John Cena Bing copypasta is also the name of the merchandise that is launched by the actor himself

Bing Chilling Meme

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