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Individual copypastas may be found almost everywhere on the internet. Greentexts, which are brief, personal anecdotes taken from the image forum 4Chan, are among the most popular types of copypasta.

The article was first posted on Twitter and Reddit by an unknown person who was behind the copypasta involving Nord VPN. The first posts that were made have now been taken down after they were initially published.

After Nord came under fire for trolling for the many advertising and sponsorships it featured on its website, this copypasta was generated as a response. There were advertisements for Nord VPN on each and every page, and it seemed as if each and every influencer was receiving sponsorship from Nord VPN.

Nord VPN sponsor copypasta got the most fame. Many people either become irritated and choose to ignore the advertisements as a result of this aggressive marketing tactic, or they become enraged by the sheer number of advertisements that they are subjected to. Both of these reactions are caused by the sheer volume of advertisements that they are exposed to.

Nord VPN copypasta

 “This video is sponsored by NordVPN. Staying safe online is an ever growing difficulty and you could be exploited by hackers. NordVPN allows you to change your IP address, making you harder to track, securing your privacy. Check out the link in the description to get 20% off for the first two months and thank you to NordVPN for sponsoring this video.”


This copypasta became popular in the second half of 2017, at a time when an increasing number of individuals were making use of virtual private networks, and it swiftly spread like wildfire. As a consequence of this, Nord VPN increased the number of services it provides and launched an aggressive marketing campaign in an attempt to attract new customers.

As a direct consequence of this, the very first version of this video sponsored by Nord VPN copy pasta was invented. After being posted on Twitter, it didn’t take long for it to amass a sizable number of followers and was then shared several times. In spite of this, the fuss over copypasta had largely died down by the year 2021, and by the year 2023, it was scarcely seen posted anywhere at all.

What is the meaning of NordVPN Copypasta?

This copypasta is the Nord sponsor script copypasta. This copypasta starts off by making fun of the marketing strategy that Nord VPN chose by suggesting that the video in question is sponsored by Nord. After that, it moves on to talk about the features that are available with Nord VPN. If you use Nord, your connection to a public Wi-Fi network may be encrypted, which enables you to browse the internet without exposing your personal information to prying eyes.

When you connect to public hotspots, hackers may use a number of methods to steal your information. However, if you use Nord, they won’t be able to see what you do online since your activity is concealed from them. The message continues on to say, “Look for a link in the description to earn a discount,” which is the last thing spoken in the whole message.

To take advantage of this limited-time offer and save money, go to the Nord VPN website and use the link. If the remarks made by the influencers that Nord VPN supports were assessed, this copypasta would be exactly what one of those influencers would say.

Owing to the fact that it is repeated several times for others to notice and make fun of in the comments area of the post, it is thus true that it is the pinnacle of a brilliant sarcastic troll. This is due to the fact that it is repeated numerous times.

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How are VPNs linked to memes?

On the internet, there has been abundant conversation around virtual private networks. This can be seen both in the form of humorous advertisements in memes and the many commercials that appear on YouTube. As is well known, the majority of advertising for virtual private networks comes through sponsorships.

This is shown by the prevalence of baked-in advertising distributed by services such as Nord. The numerous virtual private network offerings are appealing to hashtag fans and founders alike, for the most part for the same reason that VPNs have developed attraction among familiar internet users: confidentiality and protection are a paramount consideration, more so in this day and age than they have ever been.

Since the misuse of private material and data scraping have been more well known, there has been a significant increase in the demand for virtual private network services. People who are acquainted with memes tend to be long-time users of the internet and have likely been aware of the privacy concerns of the contemporary internet far earlier than the ordinary user has.

What are 5 facts about NordVPN Copypasta?

  • The original post of this copypasta was made on Twitter and Reddit.
  • Since posting the original posts have been deleted.
  • This copypasta got the publisher’s account banned by reports from the nord vpn team trying to preserve their reputation.
  • In 2023 this copypasta is dead and has no one really posting it.
  • The Nord VPN copypasta has 3 versions all are counterparts and related to one another.

Nord VPN Memes

NordVPN meme


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