Funny Copypastas of 2023 [15 Most Funniest]

The funniest of all copypastas in this list are selected by valuing their popularity and their re-posting count, made on several different social media platforms such as Reddit and Discord. From funny art to funny text you can find everything on the web but down below what you would find are the best of all and rated by the users themselves.

Different platforms have covered different copypastas which are created by the users but you won’t find all of them up to the mark of your funny-sounding range hence we have made a little effort and gathered all of the best text memes that are usually in trend and have gained a lot of popularity with their widespread.

This funny text meme has always been the best source of sending a sarcastic response to someone let it be your friend or your boy/girl. The main characteristics we had to consider when listing these copypastas below were the level of their demand and making it an easier source for the users to get them and just make a copy and paste anywhere they want. Users can find many different types of these here such as the copypasta faces.

Guys Only Want One Thing

“Guys Literally Only Want One Thing And It's F**king Disgusting”

This tweet was made on Twitter where a user named @ashcamm back in 2018. The user meant to discuss the ongoing trend of s*x dolls that were released to please the sensual desires of people who can not get themselves real women. After this short text meme began to get popular different users started to use it in different terms and get out the best of the text meme. Users can also find graphical images of this textual copypasta and it soon turns out to be one of the funniest text memes used in texting.

My Day has been ruined!

“I'm Not Sure What's Going On, But My Day has been ruined!”

This copypasta represents how a small thing can ruin your mood and ultimately ruin your day. For some people, little things can be the source of their day’s destruction just like this user @mommna however having the slightest idea about how much this statement of hers is going to get viral and later even became a dialogue that was used in one of the Hollywood movies as well, this is one of the categories that belong to the clean text memes.

How baby is formed

“How baby is formed”

When someone with poor typing skills uploaded “How is babby formed” to Facebook answers, it quickly established a copypasta and an ongoing irony, particularly when combined with gags about misspelled words of “pregnant.” Another meme nearly related to this particular one is a user’s unclear, typo-filled response to the posting. Many different users started to use it in different forms and each of them tried to come up with the funniest copypasta. The user who made this post was just an 8-year-old girl whose mis-spelling led to this.

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Flying lotus

I saw flying lotus at a grocery store

This tells the story of running into a famous person who is unpleasant to the user, tries to steal from stores candies, and harasses store staff. Flying Lotus was the figure in the initial, however, when it is republished, the name is frequently changed to another superstar to render that star appear unfavorable to viewers who are unaware of the text meme.

This one meme had gotten several funny faces after this incident and also got promoted to Arcane popularity due to being funny.

Gru’s height

Gru got that schlonggggg aru despicable me height tall, O + How tall is gru from the despicable me? 

funny copypastas

The term “Gru’s height copypasta” describes a lengthy text article that discusses how Gru, specifically because of his enormous stature, is the foremost effective person in the “Despicable Me” scenario.

Even though his height isn’t specifically stated in the films, the author of the initial post estimated it to have been “a heavenly stature of fourteen feet” depending on the henchmen’s known lengths. Interestingly, Gru has commonly presented as a god-like and yet the funniest creature in text memes.

The birds work for the bourgeoisie

The birds work for the bourgeoisie

The phrase “the birds work for the bourgeoisie” is a copypasta that originates from the many made-up conspiracy claims about birds, including the claims that birds aren’t genuine or that they’re spy drones used by the federal government.

To confused individuals who are unfamiliar with the bird conspiracies, it is widely repeated as a cheering cry on various internet forums (and said aloud). The template got to be a lot funnier with the creator adding upon different terms and targetting the presence of birds sarcastically.

Lazy college senior

Lazy college senior

The copypasta “Lazy College Senior” features a teenage man with curly short brown hair enjoying a bottle of beer. As part of a syndrome known as “senioritis,” the photographs are sometimes labeled with discouraging comments or actions that are characteristic of burned-out learners in their last year of study. The persona might be thought of as the opposite of a campus beginner.

The image was taken from the perspective that it became one of the funniest for the creators who attached every kind of sarcastic caption to the image. This Filipino kinda copypasta is still seen on feeds sometimes.

Rick and Morty

“To Be Fair, You Have To Have a Very High IQ to Understand Rick and Morty”

This copycat joke is used by both admirers and enemies of the animated comedy Rick and Morty as a cutting reply to objections of the show. The comment, which might have seemed made in the beginning with good intentions, criticizes the arrogance with which individuals talk about the event.

Both supporters and critics of the animation show Rick and Morty mimic responses to complaints about the show using memes like this particular one.

Two guys in a bar

Guys I am worried after what my homie did.

funny copypasta

The “Two Guys in a Bar” copypasta is a humorous story that has been widely circulated on the internet. The story revolves around two men in a bar who engage in a conversation that leads to a ridiculous and unexpected conclusion. The humor of the copypasta lies in the unexpected punchline, which takes the conversation in a completely different direction than what the reader might have anticipated.

The story also uses irony and absurdity to generate laughs. The simplicity of the language and the relatable topic of marriage and embarrassment also contribute to its appeal as a humorous anecdote. Additionally, the copypasta is funny because it uses a simple and relatable scenario to create a humorous outcome.

It’s a classic example of a joke that subverts expectations and catches the reader off guard. The fact that the story is so short and easy to read also makes it a popular choice for online sharing and copying.

Gorilla Warfare


“I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. ”

The Gorilla Warfare copypasta is a humorous response to a perceived insult or provocation. It originated from a post on the weapons board in 2010 and has since become a popular copypasta on various online platforms. The copypasta is funny because it features absurd, exaggerated claims of military prowess and skill, using language that is deliberately over-the-top and humorous.

The speaker describes themselves as highly trained soldier skilled in guerrilla warfare tactics, and they make outrageous threats and insults directed towards their target. The absurdity of the claims and language used in the copypasta makes it a popular source of humor and entertainment for internet users

Overall, the Gorilla Warfare copypasta is an example of a type of humor that is common on the internet, where the absurdity and exaggeration of the claims made in the copypasta are what make it funny.

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