Twitch Copypastas of 2023 [Top 10 RANKED]

On a variety of forums, social media, and chat rooms, copypasta can be discovered. These messages are typically amusing, sarcastic, or entertaining, and word-of-mouth and social sharing help them spread swiftly online.

We began by browsing internet groups like forums and subreddits devoted to particular themes or hobbies to find the “greatest” text meme. These groups frequently have their humor and culture, which may be seen in the copypasta they exchange. A community that is heavily into video games, for instance, may have text memes connected to certain games, whereas a group that is really into politics might have text relating to current affairs or political leaders.

How do we select the best copypasta?

Following well-known Twitch broadcasters or other online personalities is another approach we used to find text art. Following these folks can help you get a feel of what’s currently trendy because they frequently have their distinctive copypasta that their fans employ in conversation.

Also, popular text meme from numerous sources is compiled in the Twitch meme database and archives that are accessible online. This is an excellent method we used to find fresh copypasta that you may not have previously noticed.

Another way of finding the best text memes that we employed is through the use of social media. Using social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, text memes may spread swiftly. We discovered posts that include copypasta connected to trending subjects by looking for hashtags associated with your interests.

We also browsed popular accounts or profiles related to the interests of the internet community to see what kind of copypasta is being shared in their comment sections. The last way we used was to employ these meme generators which randomly generate a popular and well-used text meme.

Pronouns Copypasta

"I s**ually identify as an attack helicopter."

This text meme was created as a sarcastic declaration of the usage of personal pronouns in discussions of gender identification. It jokingly implies that a person may choose their gender identification, including choosing to identify as an animal or an abstract concept. This copypasta’s specific source is unknown, however, it is thought to have come from a humorous Tumblr post that ridiculed the idea of gender identity.

This is the most significant Twitch text troll in the gender-changing community. The text meme amused many people on the internet and is now frequently used as a hilarious reaction to gender identity arguments.

Tarnation Copypasta


"What in tarnation?”

An amusing remark that conveys surprise or astonishment is this copypasta. For humorous effect, it’s sometimes employed with a Western or Southern accent. This term is frequently used as a hilarious exclamation in the Southern United States, where it is said to have its roots. Memes and other viral material helped it become more well-known online.

Cartoon face Copypasta


To express adoration or gratitude, this text meme uses a cartoon face with an expression of tremendous joy or excitement. It’s frequently employed in response to a particularly skillful or amazing moment on stream. In 2013, “Kreyg,” a Twitch user, invented the Kreygasm emote, which has a cartoon face with an expression of tremendous pleasure or excitement.

The broadcaster was one of the most well-known Twitch streams at the time, which allowed the emote to spread and acquire popularity quite quickly. Since then, it has gained popularity as a sign of adoration and gratitude on Twitch chat.

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OMEGA Copypasta


To express intense laughing or amusement in a discussion, use this copypasta. It’s a different version of the “OMEGA” text meme that was first made to denote laughing in a conversation. To laugh louder or longer, the word “OMEGALUL” is employed. This meme was inspired by the “OMEGA” emote on Twitch, which has a laughing face in it.

On the video game streaming website Twitch, the slang term “lul,” which effectively means the same thing as its counterpart “lol,” first appeared in 2013. This had a photo of TotalBiscuit, who was a well-known streamer and his true name is John Bain.

Pog Champ Copypasta

“Ugh, fine, I guess you are my little pogchamp, come here.”

Pog champ which is a hyped-up term that denotes eagerness or enthusiasm is utilized in this text meme. In response to an especially thrilling or remarkable event on stream, it is frequently utilized. The PogChamp emote, which depicts a guy looking shocked, was added to Twitch in 2017.

The image’s source is unknown, however, it is thought to have originated from a YouTube clip in which Gootecks, a Street Fighter player, exclaims “PogChamp!” after winning. Since then, the emote has gained popularity as a sign of anticipation and enthusiasm in Twitch chat.

Navy seal Copypasta

What the f**k did you just f**king say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed k**ls.

This copypasta includes a lengthy, hostile statement that explains the author’s purported military training and battle experience before threatening harm. It’s frequently employed as a hilarious means of exaggerating one’s skills or achievements. This is a very funny text meme as many people use it to get hilarious replies and reactions.

In 2010, his meme initially became well-known on 4chan’s /k/ board. It’s a protracted, violent statement that recounts the author’s purported military training and battle experience before threatening harm. The copypasta is sometimes employed as a lighthearted technique for exaggerating one’s skills or accomplishments. Sometimes friends use it in chats as a joke to downplay others.

Loss Copypasta


This text meme is based on the “Loss” comic strip, which depicts a woman having a miscarriage. The meme is frequently used as a means of trolling or upsetting other people and has drawn criticism for its lack of consideration for those who have had a miscarriage. This meme is well known for its substance, which has drawn criticism from some and spurred discussion on whether it is acceptable to use sensitive subjects as a form of fun.

This copypasta also has the best Twitch art. Now the use of this meme on any form of social media comes with massive disregard and criticism by any viewer, so this meme is rarely used by anyone.

Kappa Copypasta


The green monster Kappa, which appears in this meme, is a symbol of suspicion or mockery in Twitch chat. The Kappa character is a component of the emote system on Twitch, which enables players to include brief graphics in chat messages. Since its inception in 2012, the Kappa emote has gained popularity as a sarcastic and ironic expression in Twitch chat.

It’s frequently used to convey sarcasm or mocking or to suggest that a remark shouldn’t be taken seriously. The “Kappa” emoticon is believed to have come from the Japanese website 2channel, while its exact roots are unclear.

FeelsBadMan Copypasta


Another well-liked Twitch emote is a man’s expression that appears to be unhappy or dejected. On Twitch, the word “FeelsBadMan” is frequently used in memes to show feelings of pity or concern for another person’s predicament or to express regret or annoyance about an event. The “Erik Estavillo” Twitch user is credited with creating the “FeelsBadMan” emote by using a screenshot of a character from the video game “Starcraft II.”

The “FeelsBadMan” emoticon was likely prompted by the word “FeelsBadMan.jpg,” which was intended to convey grief or sorrow in internet forums, as the character in the picture has a comparable facial appearance.

4Head Copypasta


This meme depicts a man with a huge head and is used to convey uncertainty or perplexity. The 4Head emotes source is unknown, however, it is thought to have originated from a YouTube video in which SingSing, a Dota 2 player, makes fun of his large forehead.

Since then, the emote has gained popularity as a representation of perplexity and uncertainty in Twitch chat. This copypasta is also known as a Twitch text meme among us as it is also used extensively in among us’s chatboxes.

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