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This copypasta also known as the Christmas Cancellation Announcement is a collection of copypastas circulated online around Christmastime to mock a fake newspaper report claiming the holiday “had been scrapped” Amongst Japan’s solitary Internet consumers, who are often unaffected by the holiday’s religious and primarily amorous nature, the idea of “canceling Christmas” might be perceived as a self-deprecating comedy. This is known to be the last copypasta for Christmas.

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The notices appeared in written form on the Japanese single platform website 2 channel as early as 2002. The accompanying example is the earliest documented picture of similarity and notification, and it was first published to the Japanese online in November 2003. Christmas is widely commemorated as a spiritual, sentimental, and economic festival by the vast proportion of non-Christian people in Japan and throughout East Asia.

Santa Claus is widely believed to have been inspired by several different historical benefactors, including Saint Patrick and a Person or group. Americanized from the Dutch Sinterklaas, “Santa Claus” first appeared in William Irving’s “Constitution of New Amsterdam” in 1809.

Christmas is fertile for tongue-in-cheek humor and self-deprecating humor on the internet because of its significant connection with couple-oriented activities and special engagements. It is a subject of aggravation for individuals who would be left lacking any arrangements for special festivities or passionate schedules. You can also find them as Christmas carols in chronological order on different sites.

When did Thanksgiving copypasta get popular?

The “Christmas cancellation” sham, which began in 2003 as an inhumane prank concerning Santa Claus’s unnatural demise and expanded throughout 2channel and other associated imageboards, was approved by the more comprehensive internet users in 2005 to the beginnings of “Himote,” a protest migration against famous divinities and conventional principles, as an impactful notion of humour on the Japanese browser.

Copypasta notifications of Christmas canceling gained traction among individuals who consider themselves as “Himote,” and eventually began to be linked with unemployed, unmarried people over the festivities. Furthermore, it spawned identical imitation declarations for Valentine’s Day and White Day. An internet website lists several different types of caricatures and related pranks.

You can also find the discord copypasta. Solitary Detachment in South Korea, the Heartbreak Celebration in Russia, and, to a lesser degree, Always Together on the English-speaking internet are all examples of internet gatherings of unhappy individuals around the holiday period. It got declared concerning Christmas just a week away copypasta.

Publishing company Harper & Brothers released A New-gift, years to the small ones from four to thirteen in 1821. The author’s poetry “Old Santeclaus’ ‘ described an elderly man riding a reindeer-drawn sleigh to deliver holiday gifts to youngsters. In 1863, illustrator Thomas Nast created one of the initial depictions of Santa Claus, which appeared in Howard’s Quarterly.

What is the meaning of Christmas Copypasta?

The protagonist of “A Tsundere Christmas Novel” is a Tsundere who develops romantic feelings for her best friend. The young man extends an invitation for her to celebrate Christmas with his family, but she is completely overcome with shame that she flees and hides in her house. Different sites present different copy-paste Christmas symbols.


Like the hhgregg Christmas in July copypasta, Megyn Kelly, host of Fox Television, responded to an opinion piece by Aisha Harris headlined “Santa Claus Could Hardly Be a White Person Forever” by declaring, “Father Christmas is White.”

Critics of race-baiting including late-night comedians poked fun at Kelly’s statement because effectively rejected Blackburn’s post as a retroactive effort from the left-wing internet.

Several early instances of Santa-denier-themed memes appeared in 2020; by 2021’s conclusion, the topic has generated memes concerning various categories of doubters. A meme mocking the “Responsible Nonbelievers” notion was uploaded to Subreddit on November 8, 2021, by a user Located near.

The Reddit user posted a picture of an abandoned lasagne tray with the comment “Glen Infidels Be Like: / ‘Must ‘ve Done The Wind.'” Over a month, the message has been upvoted a total of over 6,000 times. Blogger also featured it the following day, where it garnered almost 31,400 remarks.

Announcement Examples

While the specifics of the disasters and mishaps blamed on Santa Claus in the earlier iterations of the copypasta differ, they all have one thing in common: they always lead to the cancelling of Christmas.

Several updated editions, however, refer to current occurrences like Avian Influenza and the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe to justify the declaration. Another reason why it was named can you believe it guys Christmas copypasta?

Five facts about Christmas Copypasta

  • Known to be one of the biggest jokes
  • This is the only Christmas cancellation joke ever made
  • Got enough views to get viral on several platforms
  • Interviews with the people are still available
  • This copypasta is UK based

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