Thanksgiving Copypasta [Meaning]

The term “Thanksgiving Grandma” comes from a tale that became popular concerning a grandma who sent an offer to Thanksgiving to the incorrect address but then invited the rightful receiver to dinner when he pointed out her error. The tale gained prominence from the news when the two groups of outsiders celebrated Thanksgiving together for consecutive years.

The hashtag #ThanksgivingClapback, which is also described as the “Thanksgiving Clapback,” is a succession of offensive remarks that have been published on the Internet in reaction to passive-aggressive statements made by friends and family during the Thanksgiving meal. After this many members of the forum started making thanksgiving emoji copypasta.

Thanksgiving Copypasta 2023

“Thanksgiving Grandma”



On September 15, 2016, the account @RonaldDoee on Instagram tweeted a sequence of cell phone messages that seemed to have been sent from an incorrect address. The dialogue depicts a grandmother welcoming somebody who isn’t really their grandchild to Thanksgiving meals.

After the two people talk to just one another and take photos altogether, they come to the conclusion that they will still celebrate Thanksgiving next to each other. The description on the image said, “It seems like granny will save the day for everyone this year! Ayee!!!” The tweet was liked more than 461,000 times and retweeted more than 233,000 times in the span of only a half year.

The first utilisation of the that is documented to “On October 24, 2015, a person under the handle @kashmirVIII on Twitter sent a message with the slogan “#ThanksgivingClapback.” In the wake of the separation, you should inquire about how she is doing. #ThanksgivingClapBack.”. These are 2 of the examples of copypasta.

When did Thanksgiving copypasta get popular?

The next day, December 24th, 2016, @RonaldDoee posted a photo on his Twitter account showing grandma Wanda Dame and sms receiver Jamal Linton alongside with the comment “So this just occurred.” Over the span of a single year, the message acquired in excess of 66,000 shares and over 100,000 loves.

Following the publication of the tweet, a number of news organisations, along with HuffPost, Mashable, CBS, CNN, and others, reported on the widespread interest in the subject. Next year, on December 23 of the next year, @kingjamal08 uploaded a photo of himself with Chaplin in 2017. The tagline he used for the photograph was “Thanksgiving 2016-2017.”

In fewer than five days, the message was liked and retweeted greater than 205,000 times by far greater than 70,000 people. You can also find many tgif shrimp and chicken pasta recipes under this title discussion thread. Clapbacks were still being posted throughout the year on Facebook.

@MormonBeKnowing on Instagram stated, “‘What are your scores like?’ inquired a close relative. #ThanksgivingClapBack: “What is your credit rating?”” In four years, the tweet had more than 6,800 shares and 6,000 loves. @jay11adams stated that “Aunt: Hey there, little buddy! What happened to your little wedding band?” More than 4,600 people retweeted and liked the tweet over the course of three years.

What is the meaning of Thanksgiving copypasta?

It is one of the cutest copypasta and it is often used in conversation and after this incident many people carried out this trend and invited strangers to parties and thanksgiving. It also carries the meaning of spreading love and happiness and being nice to other people. There are many similar birthday copypasta following these trends.

Five facts about Thanksgiving copypasta

  • Those strangers turn out to be very good friends of the grandma
  • This copypasta is UK based
  • You can still find the interview of this grandma and her experience
  • These people were invited to many morning shows and interview as well

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